Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Reasons Why I'm Still Not Qualified As An Awesome Teacher

This week, I was observed by my major and minor lecturers .

Everything went well, in a sense that all those school practical observation horror stories didn't happen to us - sudden power shortage, secretly hijacked LCD projectors, mysterious laptop blackouts, vanishing worksheets etcetera. It's like the universe wants to see you screw up, and those things mentioned above just couldn't happen during non-observation days. It just HAS to happen when your lecturer comes.

So lucky for us, the universe was kind to us. But it gets weirder.

Remember I mentioned about my mentoring lecturer who swore she'll have my blood?

The planets in our solar system has apparently aligned itself before 2012.

She was nice and kind.

Or, it could be a mindfuck revenge.

But nevertheless, nice and kind. And I'm stupendously baffled. And grateful, of course.

Another profound effect of this planetary alignment is that there was a switch in the lecturers' persona.

Like my mentoring lecturer, the lecturers who are guardians of hell's gate have left their post and sought redemption, and the angelic ones have hung their halos and picked up fiery hot iron forks.

Back to my observations.

Generally, I passed and let me quote my lecturer, I 'successfully carried out my activities'. And I 'had the personality of a teacher'. Take that bitches!

However, these are the seven things they told me that I shouldn't be doing in class:

1. Be a walking dictionary.
More teaching, less spoon feeding. I tried a new technique today and it worked, though. Just remove the word that they don't understand from the sentence, and they can automatically guess what it is. Ironic, I know. But it works.

2. Have a could-not-care-less attitude.
Like, so what if I don't count the number of students in my class?! Or if their class is not clean! Apparently I have to care a bit and be stern about these little things.
But why...

3. Ignore the row of students on my right.
I swear I wasn't ignoring them! I think.

4. Have bad time management.
Duh! How am I suppose to teach literature in half an hour with all those three required stages?

5. Have word diarrhea on my whiteboard.

So Dr. Jaya's dyslexic all-over-the-place-writing disability accommodation mechanism rub off on me a bit.
My whiteboard's a hot mess. And I can assure you, I'm not dyslexic.

6. Stingy with praises.

But I'm not the grinch you think I am! I just don't wanna come off as fake! I'll give it when praises are due! Really!

7. And lastly, calling students whom I don't remember their names 'You'
I didn't mean to sound like Dr. Yang in Grey's Anatomy! I only use it when I'm moving my attention to a different student! e.g. "Okay, the next person to answer is...(tapping on her table) You! Answer the next question". But it's not as rude as you think! I swear!


The road to awesomeness is paved with wicked behaviors.


chegu carol said...

I dont care all the others except number 2. cos the rest, even senior teachers still do that.

but no 2, thats basically number uno in class management. conducive classroom. you are instilling moral values in a subtle way actually. :)

Daniel Chiam said...

Why are you a teacher again in the first place? XD

Lizeewong said...

I bet those observers had a hard time pin-pointing your 'shortcomings' cos they all sound rather petty to me :)

When I was still a teacher, I didn't do number 2 either. I mean counting the number of ss. Had the class monitor to do it cos his math was better than mine :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: hehe..hmm...that makes sense...i know also i should do it, but i have the mindset that im only a practical teacher, so i dont need to care about all those things, unless when i become a real teacher, especially a class teacher. but if u say so, ok...maybe it can give me some practice..

Daniel: tia tau o daniel...haha.

Lizeewong: well, in the voice department i memang pass already la :D. kan? malas la mau kira. waste my time only. especially when kena observe when u need ur stages to be on time. anyways. u were a teacher before?

Eric Constantine said...

i bet i can foresee that u gonna be fantabulous teacher. yeah.

Lizeewong said...

Yes I was. Took TESL from UPM juga. Loved Malachi, not so fond of Jayakaran. Hehehe..Taught for 2 years before resigning but in a way, I'm still a teacher :D

chegu carol said...

i also kena during my practicum bah that...didnt count my ss during observation. my lecturer asked me how many ss were there and i went blank..and she started telling how important it is to do headcount before every lesson...something to do with knowing where your ss is...mana tau ada yg escape hahaha.

now, i make it a habit to ask if anyone is absent before i start my lesson. not exactly counting one by one. but roughly if one ss absent, you know how many more ss in the class la. like lizee, can always ask the class monitor :)

MeMeR said...

No worries Manda, i have faith in you. (why do i sound so cheesy,yucks)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

eric: hah! hopefully!

Lizeewong: oh really?! so what are u doing now? yeah, i miss malachi! he's wicked! jaya is funny in class, but outside, a total different person...

carol: that's the logic of doing headcounts la kan, coz u are practically responsible if they are not around in class and something happen to them during ur period. im now trying to remember to ask who's absent everytime i enter class...for just now want to kasi cukup syarat ja la. hehe

Memer: thanks for believing in me! (double cheese)

debrajill said...

yay~ all the teachers~ then you should write the "10 reasons why I will be a terrific fabulous teacher"..hehehe~ I really admire all the teachers cause their jobs are tough! hehe..

Phoebe said...

Aw, you're still learning ma... Besa la bah tu... As for number 2, getting a list of students and calling their names during the start of the class would help you know if there are students playing truant... ;)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

debrajill: hehehe...not yet la...nanti nda fabulous, kin malu ja XD. the job is REALLY tough!

Phy: yeaah...that's like, uno numero rule, as other qualified teachers tell me...but what if you have 6 nuruls in your class?!

chegu carol said...

6 nuruls in your class and all of them are wearing tudung and you hardly can tell which nurul is nurul. That kind of situation kan? hahaha... Teacher Amanda, get to know every inch of each and everyone of their faces. Hahahaha.

Don't worry bah, you will get use to that. Trainee teacher the max is 3 months saja maa practicum. So buli kasi excuse la. When you finished your training, you will have cukup time to get to know your students. :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: EXACTLY! ZOMG!but now im beginning to be able to match the names to their faces already :D. hopefully by the time im done, i can remember all already.heh