Monday, February 1, 2010

Second Pregnant Man. Somebody please jab my eyes.

The world was turned upside down inside out (beats me how that goes) when we met the first pregnant man, Thomas Beatie.

World, welcome your second one, Scott Moore.


See, I just don't get it.

Scott and his husband were both females with 36DDD breasts.

Okay, that was me digressing. 36DDD!!!


So once upon a time, they were two girls who feel like they were born in the wrong body. So you'd think they'd dig pussies. Because of course, they feel like they have invisible balls and have huge imaginary erection upon seeing boobs.

But that's not the case!

Coz all they wanted was to be men! So they don't get turned on by the vajayjay? But instead, they like to see hunkilicious men?

So what does that make them? How can I unfairly and stereotypically label them? Let's do the maths here.

Men who dig women are straight, and vice versa.

Men who dig other men are called gays. Women who dig other women are lesbians.

But if a woman who wants to be a man and digs other men, that would make her gay, not a lesbian. But wouldn't her gayness be canceled out 'coz she'd actually just be a straight woman who loves a disco stick? 'Cept now she's in a man's body?

I'm so confused.

And here's another question to ponder. A possible reason for a woman to be dying to be a man is because she could escape her traditionally and socially dictated roles and norms, especially the part where she has to be the bearer and nurturer of the child.

Now that Scott and Thomas have literally shed that role, why on earth do this still wanna go through womanly labour pains? Haven't they successfully became meat eating beer guzzling testosterone driven men?

I no get it.


MeMeR said...

Me thinks so too. I no get it!

Zen said...

this is so fucked up. this has top all those gender confusion cases of all.

what's next? species confusion?

nc said...

..the end of the world is just around the corner..(^_^)

Rungitom said...

Whoops! there's another one, well Thomas Beatie have two children now, one daughter and one son.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

MeMer: That makes the two of us!

Zen: That's the exactly the right words. so fucked up! next thing we know, a man transforms into a horse and then wants to bone a woman in his equine form.

nc: you said it.

Rungitom: yeah, i think i heard the HeShe got pregant again. wth.

Santafire said...

... sweat

Yumie said...

I'm rendered speechless.. so while pregnant, which toilet gender do they enter to? D:

- AaRoz - said...

meaning to say this guy has the "vajayjay"??? or he still have his "dingdong"? o.O

zewt said...

waittttt... who impregnanted these men...or women... or men... oh what the hell...

Asrih Arif said...

pening aku baca... hahahahah confuse...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: you don't mean sweet right?;p

Yumie: hey, I never thought of that. maigod, it became more confusing!

-AaRoz-: i guess. he has both? weird!

zewt: some sperm donor. coz they are men who can't produce sperms. they just can carry the child :/

Asrih Arif: If you ever have to deliver babies from these kind of people... :D