Monday, February 8, 2010

Goodbye Little Miss Wicked, Hello Little Miss Nice

So today is the last day of our semester, and tomorrow will be our finals.

Our last semester is apparently as short as 4 weeks and we have only two subjects to take. So after much studying the same crap over and over again and cramming it all in for 4 weeks, the end has finally come.

Although technically it is NOT the end of the semester as we will be spending the rest of the semester sloughing away into school related depression, it does feel like the end. We had a little informal unplanned lunch and dinner and we dined like we'll never see each other again.

And that means a new fucking beginning is gonna start soon.

I've met my practical lecturer who has sworn to see me fail, and surprisingly (or not), she was suspiciously...nice. Maybe she'd forgotten how I deliberately irritated her like shit. Maybe her new year's resolution is to forgive and forget. Or maybe, this could be a fucking psychological trap. She'll get me when I least expect it. I'd have to watch my shoulders every second. Any time now. Any time now. Any time now. Any...Oh my, now that is a brilliant mindfuck revenge.

Either way, I'll have to be Little Miss Suck Up and Little Miss Smiley Face Who'll Accept Any Retarded School Related Responsibility for the next three months.

And since it's like the end of the semester for us, I'm gonna miss my college a lot. The bashing part, that is.

So this would probably my last time I'm running my mouth uninsured. (Or not. Yeah, probably not.)

Buku Rancangan Pengajaran Harian

What motivating and cheery way to send us off to school with a dull, shitty coloured daily teaching planning book!

This is me letting out all wickedness in me now to become Little Miss Nicest Teacher Trainee On Earth With An Overdose of Sunshine Whom Older Teachers Can Walk All Over for the next three months.

People, please pray for me so I can pretend to be nice and not break down and burn a school property.


Santafire said...

XD i mean, all the best.

Jessica_Lyne said...

oh, the kids r going to love you. Period. Enjoy! (hehehehe)

MeMeR said...

Send my regards to all the girls at SIGS.
Oh, i almost forget about you, GOOD LUCK. All the best!!

nc said...

hehe..little miss sunshine is on her way to luck :)

zewt said...

pass with flying colours, that will be the ultimate revenge mindfuck... hehe...

Cath J said...

Hahhahaha.... what to do....

But wishing you all the best..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Santafire: You almost got me there XD. thanks!

Jessica_Lyne: I hope! :D

MeMer: Oh you'd like that, don't u? :p. Thanks!

nc: Yup, gonna be a good girl :D. thanks!

zewt: Hey, that's a good idea :D

Cath J: Ya lor...thanks! :)

扇子 said...

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