Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Creation of Adam...The Parodies

I'm sure most of you have came across this picture before.

If you're a fan of Renaissance art or you've googled Michelangelo before, you'd know that this is a painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling in the Vatican entitled The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo 'bout 500 years ago.

And that it is not a homoerotic painting of a man with a small peen.

As stated in the title, micro peen man is Adam, and he is reaching for God's hands. The composition of the painting goes like this:

God is depicted as an elderly bearded man wrapped in a swirling cloak while Adam, on the lower left, is completely naked. God's right arm is outstretched to impart the spark of life from his own finger into that of Adam, whose left arm is extended in a pose mirroring God's, a reminder that man is created in the image and likeness of God (Gen 1:26). Another point is that Adam's finger and God's finger are not touching. It gives the appearance that God, the giver of life, is reaching out to Adam and Adam is receiving. The pink backdrop behind God is in the shape of a human brain.

This painting is one of the most famous painting in the world, and painted by world renowned painter, Michelangelo.

And when you're famous, all sorts of parody of it flood the net and pop culture. That's my favourite part about the painting.

Adam losing in a rock-paper-scissors game with God. Duh. God knew what he was thinking.

Adam playing snooker with God. But looks like God has the upper hand. Duh. He is God.

Adam serving God. Beer.

Adam watching er, God TV.

Adam reaching for LOLcat God. Trust me, it's going to get weirder.

Adam...Is that Chuck Norris? And is that a creature from Pokemon? Told you, weirder.

Cookie Monster Adam.

The Creation of Homer Simpson.

My brothers and I have our version of the painting too.

We call this the Recreation of Adam.

I hope Michelangelo can rest in peace.


Kelvin said...

lol, the scissors paper stone is funny:D

Santafire said...

We had to recreate old paintings in our own depiction for History of Art project two years ago; my group used this God and Man painting... had god give a machine gun and man refuse. (among others).

Rungitom said...

"And is that a creature from Pokemon?"

Nope, its a derp derp hurr durr~ creature

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kelvin: i think so too! XD

Santafire: that must've been so awesome! i'd like to see it :D

Rungitom: haha...is it? i have no idea!

Benedicta*C_J said...

I super love the last pic! hahahaha....