Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chicken Soup: Made of rubbish, yet makes your life feel less like one

Six years ago, when I was a clueless teenager fresh out of school, I was given the opportunity to study to become an English teacher, though it has never, ever crossed my mind that I would end up as one someday. I was the pain in the ass smart Alec student, so I knew what I should NOT be when I grow up. However, karma is a bigger bitch than I am.

I was then instructed to register myself at Maktab Perguruan Gaya, KK. I met my new equally clueless classmates, got grilled by seniors during orientation week, fell in love with my new friends right away and even went for a pseudo-BTN thingy. I was even convinced by my friends to be part of a cultural dance performance. My friends from school would've died laughing if they knew I'm in a cultural dance group. And they'd crawled out of their grave just to get humoured again. Eye candies were in abundance too. All in all, this new college life would've been awesome.

Then came a messenger who asked me to go meet this HEP guy.

"You need to go to Maktab Perguruan TI, JB to do this course. By next week. UITM, the twinning partner of MPGaya recognises you as a non-bumiputera. And as you know, UITM only accepts Bumis."

Well sir, I didn't know that. And you just fucked up my coulda been beautiful life.

I have to do the meet-and-greet-fitting-in-awkwardly all over again. And I've never been more than 500KM away from home.

I hated the change so much. I was even hoping the plane would fall and crash before we could reach JB. That bad.

Adjusting to a totally new environment was hard. It took time to be able to relate with the 'new' people from 'the other side', and things didn't become easier when you're "different". And I missed home so, so much.

So I figured I needed some Chicken Soup lovin'.

And soon, I was fine. And life couldn't be more awesome.

A month ago, I felt the same anxiety and fear I felt six years ago.

So I figured what I need now is a different kind of chicken soup.

I'm no longer a collegian but a teacher.

Like I said, karma's a bitch.


Jessica_Lyne said...

Reading Chicken Soup always leaves me crying like a tool but I love it nonetheless. It's actually inspiring..hehe

p/s That was one heck of a month kan! hahaha...until you have to leave :( Tua suda kita Manda, can't believe that was five years ago ^_^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Jessica_Lyne: that's why i buy the teacher edition - really need some inspirations!

snd yeah, tears fest ni...huhu...miss u guys so much! We're in our final lag :)

MeMeR said...

OOOO,and my time will come soon,

Lizeewong said...

I was smiling when I read the first paragraph - most of the English teachers I know, never wanted to be one either. Hehehe.

I'm sure like your blog, you'll be awesome. All the best in your practicum :)

Kelvin said...

Hahaha, this post made me laughed hard, esp the last pic:D
Sorry for laughing at ur anxieties.
U will have a challenging career^^

Asrih Arif said...

knowing u since darjah 3 i thing u r going to be a great tcr..

Santafire said...

i love the crawling out of grave part thing XD

Amanda Christine Wong said...

MeMer: You wanna borrow my book? ;p

Lizeewong: hehe. English teachers are a result of bad karma... :D. thanks!

Kelvin: You're so bad! ;p

Asrih Arif: why thank you...but you laughed your ass off upon hearing it right :p

Santafire: I'm serious! cultural dance is so not for me! T_T

zewt said...

wait... so you're not recognised as a bumi?

chegu carol said...

gong xi fa cai teacher amanda! :D

ok bah kau tu.
i can imagine you will be a good english teacher. somehow, the rebellious is always the best ones. :)

p/s rajin kau cari itu chicken soup depan2 mata pun malas sa mo baca.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

zewt: nope...'coz my daddy's chinese...and that's the deal breaker...actually my mom's is 3/4 chinese too...heh

chegu carol: haha...hopefully? :D. i only read chicken soup when i feel like shit :D