Friday, January 15, 2010

Why do people like to put their partner's I.C. photo in their wallet?

It's a question.

Not me being a smart ass to explain to you why.

'Coz I don't put my boyfriend's I.C. photo in my wallet. (sorry, babe - it's not like I don't love you less than those who do it)

'Coz I don't understand why they do so.

Really, why do they do that?

Do you put your boyfriend's/girlfriend's/husband's/wife's/lover's/fuckbuddy's/crush's identification card photo in your wallet?

Yeah, so you wanna see your lover's face every time you wanna pay for your groceries.

And yeah, so you want him/her to be close to your heart. To be more precise - close to your armpits (girls) and close to your butt (guys).

But why must it be a fucking formal photo of him/her?

Why can't it be a picture of him/her camwhoring, or a cut out of said partner taking a picture in front of the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary signboard, smiling earnestly and wearing casual clothes?

Why must you have your partner's rigid face in your wallet?


There are only two reasons I can think of for this befuddling act:
  1. In case you forgot your I.C. on a girls' night out, and you are suspected of being a prostitute from China working here illegally, you can show them that you are at least married to a Malaysian by showing your 'husband''s IC blue-background photo.
  2. Upon opening your wallet to pay for your RM300 sport shoes that you think is totally-rad-and-only-wear-it-when-your-three-other-new-sport-shoes-becomes-unwearable, looking at your girlfriend's unsmiling, rigid face reminds you that you're suppose to use that money to get her some Carlo Rinos to make up for calling her 'curvy'.

If you are carrying your partner's IC photo in your wallet and not your average fun day, casual kind of photo, what are YOUR reasons for doing so?

Enlighten me!

The 'Gentle Reminder'


Joan said...

I so love this post... I also wonder why? Cos my wallet no money, no picture, only receipts..haha

Anonymous said...

I think it is JUST a JUST...there's no concrete reasons. Yes? No? I don't know! I don't put any either.

Kelvin said...

I din like to put, its always my girlfriend who force me:(

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Haha.. Nice topic..

I think because of its size.. Ngam2 muat kalau kena taru di wallet. Then passport photos normally come in bulk, the least is 4, ada yang 8, 12, 16 ~~ So if the sweetheart takes one, it won't be a loss for the other sweetheart. :p

I do kept one but it's not Harry's.. It's my brother's.. I forgot to return it back to him after I put his ugly photo for display in my car.. After I read your post, baru sa teringat balik. Hahaha..

wordsonjpgs said...

i have no photos in my wallet. adds to the weight.

but i think the more important place to put your partner's mug is the phone.

digital > analog.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Joan: hehehe...keep ur receipts close to ur heart :D

Anonymous: just because rhyme nor reason for it.

Kelvin: Your gf wants her photo to be a reminder for you in case u did something bad :D

AnnieMing: ya kan, no need to find photo to develop and gunting2 again. after this u're gonna go return his photo la ni kan...hehe

wordsonjpgs: i thought so too... i try to lessen the unnecessary things in my wallet. and like u said, i keep it in my handphone :D

Cath J said...

Hahahha.. I put my hubby photo in my purse too.. but not the ic one.. wakakakka... I dun knw y must do that but .. it does make my hubby smile up to ears...

Psst... putting the ic photo as shown di bawah tu... waaaaa.... saya pun mau taruh... hehehhehehe.. lovely

Santafire said...

i dont have room to put my partner's pic in my wallet. it will get ruined anyway XD

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Cath J: at least the picture u're putting is not IC photo...that one can understand la :)...ko pun mau taru gentle reminder ah..hehehe

Santafire: Yeah, i dont have room for mine either :D

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, ha ha, I never used to keep girlfriends pics in my wallet.
Prefer the Agong's pictures...
but when got married, it acts as a reminder I belong to one woman, just in case I forget, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Uncle Lee: now that's a good reason :D. have a nice day!

Rungitom said...

Unless the picture is durable and wont fade away quickly, I'll keep it in my wallet. I did put my lady's pic inside but somehow the pic quality got washed away and dull..from that day I just keep it in my special box. One thing that still remain is my high school name-tag :P

MeMeR said...

I don;t do it, so i don't know why. Oooh, or maybe because i havent had nyyone special in my life??haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Rungitom: well i guess that makes sense huh...why do u still keep ur name tag? miss school? hehe

Memer: we'll come back to this question when you've found your one already :P

chegu carol said...

Ya, I used to put Alvin's passport size photo in my purse too. Now, I don't. Not that I dont want to but he havent gone to get latest passport size photo and I think im fine having just our wedding pic in it. :)

I feel the same way like Uncle Lee though.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

chegu carol: now wedding photo is fine. i think i wanna do that also :D

nc said...

hi,, haha..this is great.. :)
i put photos of us together, me n my hubby.. IC photo.. nda mau la.. yaii :) but the reason u mention (number 1) mcm betul juga kn? haha

Phoebe said...

Maybe cz normally anyone's mug would look ugly in ic pics so it
1. prevents others from seeing your handsome/beautiful partner's face and plotting to steal them away from you.

2. proclaims to others that although your partner is 'don't look too gewd' you still love them totaly.

3. you are not ashamed of you partner even if they are not good looking.

Btw Manda, that ic photo of yours is lovely. You're the exception, not the rule. Hahaha...