Monday, January 25, 2010

Sub zero oppression. Isn't it just awesome to be a TESLian?

The government and banks freeze your bank account for these four main reasons:
  1. You fucking owe them money.
  2. You're serving time in jail.
  3. There's been an identity theft. Either you have been theft or, you are the thief.
  4. You suddenly made RM500k in an hour from your newfangled internet investment scam.
Let's see. I'm trying to recall whether I've heard anyone in my TESL groups (mine and the juniors) have committed such crime. Let me check their Facebook walls.






Clean. Just a little bit of profanities here and there. And too much Farmville.

Then I see no reason why our 7th semester's RM4.2K allowance has been frozen.

Sorry, my bad. I should've mentioned. BSN and Bahagian Pendidikan Guru's hands are clean.

They delivered the money, as promised in our 6 years course agreement.

The almighty powerful beings up there probably fell asleep on the job and couldn't bank in our rightfully owned money. Hey wait, they did give all the courses their allowances. Except for the TESL group though. I guess they fell asleep after banking in everyone else's money.

Oh wait, I forgot. Jeez, how could I forget that there was a reason for freezing only the TESL group's allowance?

Your whole semester's allowance will be frozen until we've decided whether you are eligible or not to claim your so-called mini research paper that is worth RM300. Until then, you may continue eating recycled paper as RM630 000 worth of 150 students' allowance swim in our account. In the meantime, this admin building looks like it is in need of new paint, no? And ooh, let's make more unnecessary bus stands...

And the oppression and discrimination towards TESLians just got ten levels higher.

It was low enough when you check on our attendance every Monday assembly and leave the other courses unchecked because their records are immaculate and because we are just too awesome for your liking.

But freezing our allowance and robbing us from our basic fucking right as scholarship students - now that's sub zero low.


ALTing said...

dude that sucks... isn't there anyone in power that you guys can complain to about this... IT IS YOUR SCHOLARSHIP we're talking about.. not some money they giving you as a favour...

The Jay Walker said...

T.E.S.L is an acronym for "So What You Can Speak English, We have Cash and You Dont." *taunt*....Go home la you all for a semester. reason : how do you expect to study without even instant noodles to go by?

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Sounds familiar.. La lalala laa la..

Our batch has been through that also ;) Nampaknya mau kena tunggu lagi laitu durian runtuh la kan Amanda~

Kelvin said...

Wtf, call up the newspapers! This is not fair!

MeMeR said...

Too low to be true if that's truly the case

Rungitom said...

That's not fair, you've earned it and yet they want to freeze it? Did they run out of money spending under the table or what? such low performance they have made by ignoring you guys.

Santafire said...

some stingy-over-reacting jerks they are eh?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

AL Ting: We can only go through 'procedures'. and you know what happens during the process. it never reaches the intended person. but we will do something if this goes on too long.

The Jay Walker: Right? So true. Sudah la we got brain damage, no money some more.

AnnieMing: Haih...isu sensitive you know this allowance thing... :(

Kelvin: I will, if proper actions aren't taken.

MeMer: Baharom was probably just trying to shit with us, like he always like too. but if it's true, he is a real shittard.

Rungitom: i have no idea! in the first place, even if there was a 'problem', they shouldn't use the word 'freeze'. They should know that some crazy irrational student (e.g. me) would revolt.

Santafire: And a bunch of sadists too. They pleasure from people's pain.

Farhana Syahira said...

manda~lets enjoy d moneY!!hehe

zewt said...

how is it frozen when it has already been paid?

chegu carol said...

Dont wait too long. Do something. Nanti tiada bikin beli makan.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Farhana Syahira: Let's! :D

zewt: The institution claims they froze it till don't know when.but they gave the money anyway the next day. Their reason for making such claims is beyond. They could cause serious damage to themselves.

chegu carol: dapat sudah duit :D. sembarang ja dorang cakap2.