Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pros and cons of doing your teaching practical in an all girls smart school

So the school I got for my teaching practical is an ALL GIRLS SCHOOL. And it happens to be a cluster school - one of the top ranking schools in Johor Bharu.

Everyone seems to be dying to be in my place, as they said it's easier to teach smart students, and teaching only girls. It brings benefits to us female newbies who might feel more comfortable teaching the same sex, and benefits the guys in terms of...well, you know what.

Does it really benefit us, the fairer sex virgin teachers? Pardon the pun.

I've list out the pros and cons of teaching in a single sex smart school.

  1. The students are smart. No need to explain to them what is 'underline' and 'circle'.
  2. Girls play nicer than boys. No monkeys running around your class.
  3. Easier to lay out lesson plan. Gender variable in designing lessons is limited to one sex.
  4. Easier to teach girls. No need to study about football and cars to appeal to the male students.
  5. No sexual harassment. No catcalls, ass-groping, skirt peeking, proposals etc.
  1. The students are smarter than you. Pray that you won't fuck up your spellings and pronunciations.
  2. Girls are meaner than boys. One word - Bitchez.
  3. Difficult to bribe with food. Unlike boys.
  4. Can't use 'nose bleed tactic' to get students' attention. Works on lesbos only though.
  5. No sexual harassment. No ego-boosting on a fat day.
So, what do you think? Am I really getting a good deal, or is it just too good to be true?


Gallivanter said...

With pros and cons in just about everything in life, I say it's a good deal! :-)

DierdreTheseira said...

Embrace the pros and not let the cons bog you down. Good luck manda.. =)

wordsonjpgs said...

I think boys are way easier to manipulate. You got a bum deal.

Joan said...

been there, done that. except that mine was a chinese school in Penang.

and I totally agree about the bitchez part..very true.

and oh..these kids have their parents as doctors and what not professionals. to them teachers are nothing..

plus they think that their tuition teacher is a far better teacher than you are. they just won't listen to you.

but trust me you'll survive. ^_^

Rudy said...

Good luck my dear.

chegu carol said...

whether it is good or not, it'll give you the experience some teachers cant get...like me.

you go gurl!

MeMeR said...

oooooooooooooo,i guess its not so a good deal.
those bitches are gonna get to you,haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Gallivanter: what life it isn't for the cons to make it more interesting huh?

Diedre Theseira: okay, i'll try! thanks!

wordsonjpgs: right?! oh man...

Joan: alamak...habis la me.. :/

Rudy: thank you dear...waa

chegu carol: yeaah...i think the experience is gonna be worthwhile...

Memer: aww..memer :/

zewt said...

skirt peeping? hahahaha...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

zewt: i know u'd love that ;p