Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm back in JB and discovered that old habits die hard

So I'm back in my teacher's trainee institute.

And the year won't start fabulously without bashing my beloved college.

We had our first assembly this morning. Usually our Monday morning assembly is kept brief, as its sole purpose on earth is just to make students drag their feet on a dreadful Monday morning to the open hall, sing patriotic songs, and get scolded for whatever reasons they can hawk out from our groggy selves. Since it is a brief assembly, we don't mind standing mindlessly in the cold, wet morning for 15 minutes, 20 minutes tops. But due to the H1n1 outbreak last year and hot rumors that several students here were tested positive, they stopped having assemblies, as they have to think of their own safety I mean the other students' safety.

But today, we had our first assembly for the first time in many months. I guess the H1N1 outbreak has gone back to Mexico, and who cares about the second wave anyway? And the assembly turned into a full blown formal assembly, so yeah, we don't mind standing for one and a half hour listening to them yakking away about...yeah, I totally forgotten what the assembly was about.

Anywho, a new semester in this institute of learning does not start yet without introducing NEW DUMBFUCK RULES. YAY!

ALL STUDENTS ARE NOW REQUIRED TO WEAR A BLAZER EVERY MONDAY. You may rummage your old wardrobe for your old school prefect blazers, steal your kid brother's school prefect blazers, borrow your dad's, or beg your parents to give you money to buy a RM200 brand new blazer. 'Coz you know, looking good is important in this institute, and it doesn't matter if you sweat like a pig under that heavy coat in this awesome humid weather of ours. Oh yeah, before I forgot, your allowance will only come in next month. Good luck finding money to buy a blazer that most of the time doesn't come cheap that you will only wear once a week! And if you fail to comply, you know the drill ~ Uncle Disciplinary Action! Don't get us wrong - wearing blazers are the only way to show that we are pretentious suckers working for a firm I mean committed professional teachers. And another thing minions I mean students, DO NOT EVER CARRY THOSE CLOTH RECYCLE BAGS TO CLASS. It makes you look unprofessional, too broke to buy a decent school bag, and that you actually care for the environment.

I guess that's about it, before I shut my brain down during the morning assembly.

And this semester, we will only be taking two subjects.

Which we think was awesome.

Till we saw our inconveniently crammed up timetable.

We practically have to attend the two classes, every day, 9 hours each every week.

We had to do this as our finals will be on the first week of February, then it's practical time. More on that later.

We were pretty much brain saturated and exhausted to take in 3 hours of Poetry class in a day, what more if it's EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WORKING WEEK? Jeezus. Just looking at the timetable could actually turn you bulimic.

But hey, at least we were greeted with sunshine as we got to our class.

A garish, eye-blinding newly painted building, that is.

The only time you can squint your eyes when there's no sunshine.

But some things never change.

I guess this is the best they could do since they've splurged on those dizzying, overwhelming-for-the-eyes paint.


DierdreTheseira said...

Same thing back in Gaya. New rules for girls = can no longer let down your hair or wear skirts. So unfair. Melanggar hak asasi saya sebagai manusia yang bernama perempuan.

Jessica_Lyne said...

That pretty much mirrors my first day as well. Assembly was hell cuz the discipline dude just won't stop rambling/screaming/scolding nonsense even though he had been talking for 2 hours straight. Sudala the hall was super packed @ hot as hell (teda karan). So yeah,I feel you girl :-/

Yvonne Ling said...

Wow the new colour is so so bright!

ALTing said...

u know what? i could think of a dozen ways to use the colours on the building walls to shoot some zany portraitures... the images are just swirling around my head right now... heheheheheh....

Kelvin said...

lol, school really no more $$$ to revamp or at least fix the toilet?

MeMeR said...

You know what, they actually give me reason to buy a nice three piece suit,hahaha
There goes my money!!!

Asrih Arif said...

no wonder teachers are so strict about 'school rules' in malaysia. They experience a great amount of torture in terms of 'weird rules' during their training. Now I get it! I can see no relevance of wearing a blazer under hot sunhine which can accentuate unwanted body odour.. Maybe that is what they wanted in the first place... To smell the unsmelled...

Wiskies said...

LOL.. there is much more shirts that look smart like a blazer lar.. Blazer is not so suitable to wear in our country especially for those need to move here and there outside, it suit for those who sticked their bud in cold office or cold meeting room. it's common sense. xoxo.. good rules..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Dierdre Theseira: oh babe, that rule was applied here long time ago :/. sangat melanggar hak asasi!

Jessica_Lyne: suck o kaan...sudah la kena marah time assembly, after assembly sambung lagi. what the hell!

Yvonne Ling: u can burn ur eyes!

AL Ting: hahaha...come here la do photoshoot...hehe

Kelvin: all finish on the paint :/

Memer: know what, I thought of getting a Seed or G2000 - one shot la buy expensive one :D

Asrih Arif: stupid maktab breds stupid teachers bred stupid student. except for rebels like me :D

Wiskies: it's so incredibly stupid, right?! unless we wear that to meetings, then it's okay. but not for a whole day!

wordsonjpgs said...

What a bright coat of paint. Doesn't it make you want to greet everyone with a "Good morning, sunshine!". At least till you get to the loo.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wordsonjpgs: LOL! so true!


oooh, what a happy colors, orange and yellow! they go hands in hands. Anywho, thank you for your comment! Have a cheery day! :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

thanks sophie! :D

CynthD said...

ermm... can i wear MJ-inspired blazer? or perhaps Lady Gaga's awesome blazer with elaborated sleeves? hahahaha

MeMeR said...

Amanda - Yeah, me thinks so too
Cynth - Love the inspiration, WERQ

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Cynth and Memer: You guys shall WERQ it. I'm gonna be a rebel.