Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How To Be Casted in Hairspray Without Using 5 Cans of Hairspray

This arrived today:

Wait for it...


Ok, it does sound and graphically look obscene, but it is pronounced as 'bump its' and not 'bum pits'. Bum pits...haha...

At first look it may look like some sexual torture device. Rest assured, it's not. It's not like I have any nasty kinky images going around in my head as I'm typing this.

They are as stated on the box, hair volumizing inserts.

With these babies, you don't have to spend an hour back combing and spraying your hair with cans of hairspray to achieve the volumized, bee hive hair look. Also, it will spare you from crying in the shower when you try in vain to untangle your hair with conditioner. And also spare 500,000 strains of healthy hair from being tugged out before its time.

In short, they are God's answer for thin, limped hair girls! Minus the labourious effort and tears!

Well, you could probably use them for an S&M night from time to time...Just remember to disinfect them. Thoroughly.

Anyways, I can have Amy Winehouse's hair from now on!

Ok, so not exactly like the rehaber's hair, but you get the point.

I still need to back comb my hair a bit, and use a spritz or two of hairspray. Minus the labourious effort and tears. Which is AWESOME. I didn't use spray nor back comb my hair in the picture above though. It's all grease. Yuck, I know.

And if you're interested in it (whether for your hair or other activities), you can find this person.

Hairspray Musical, here I come!


DierdreTheseira said...

Love love love the first pic of you! The hair looks fantastic!
How much did you get it for? And which blogshop? Sa mau ni.. Can use for our retro-themed party this march. Hehehe.

Cath J said...

That is totally awesome... tempted to have 1.. ;-p

sHeiLa said...

wow! how u wear it?

Jess said...

visit via . nice look and hairdo

Rungitom said...

Cool gadget to make a special hairdo :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Dierdre Theseira: hehehe...u just click the link on the post, its from and the price is RM25, postal to EM RM8.80 ka if not far i scoured the internet, this person jual paling murah la :D

Cath J: Go la! :D

sHeiLa: u kasi naik half ur hair on ur crown (where u wear ur hairband), and u sisip there. pastu ur hair yg ko kasi naik u cover the thing. and spray a bit. hehe

Jess: thanks!

Rungitom: yeaah...and now u know the secret..hehe

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

I've seen this somewhere in City Mall, but I forgot which shop..

Cantik o0o, love your look!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

AnnieMing: ada di citymall? laa, jauh2 i go buy...heh..btw, thanks! still trying to perfect it; :D

MeMeR said...

Great and wicked. Anyhting is possible thse days