Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haiku For The Effed Up Situation

She once swore to me,
"Mark my words, I will get you",
she was not lying.

So bury me now,
for I shall suffer her wrath,
- karma is a bitch.

What's a girl to do,
but some major sucking up,
Can I survive this?

Cheap pearls from Sabah,
over flattering statements,
- think I have a choice?

Or I could do this -
Be awesome and kick some ass,
And not kiss someone's.


Kelvin said...

Yeah, be someone who make the decisions!

wordsonjpgs said...

kicking ass and taking names. definitely the better option.

i like the part with the cheap pearls from Sabah. i think it pulls the entire passage into sardonic territory. what does it mean?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kelvin: YES!

wordsonjpgs: hehe...see, people from peninsular likes sabah for its pearls...so it'd be a great bribing item :D

wordsonjpgs said...

oh, a bribe. i thought you were describing your nemesis in the second-last paragraph/sub-haiku. the statements could refer to her way of dressing. very garish!