Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The barbed wires are for who actually?

This is my institution's concrete fence.

Inside: Barbed-wired for students' safety

As you can see, it is heavily barbed-wired.

See, the safety of the students staying in the hostels is top priority. We do not want intruders to come breaking in our territory, do we?

But hey, wait a minute...

There's no barbed wires OUTSIDE the perimeter of the institution!

Outside: The barbed wires for students'...Where the fuck's the barbed wires?!


I'm so confuse!

Are the barbed wires there to prevent weirdos to crash into our hostels?

OR, are the barbed wires there to prevent STUDENTS from making an escape on a Saturday night?

Perhaps students getting raped by outsiders are a waaay better worst-case-scenario than students getting hit by a car as they make their escape.


MeMeR said...

Hahaha, gotcha!!

Rungitom said...

Well, barbed wire outside the institution building itself may resemble a jail, so that's why only the hostel is barbed wired.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

MeMer: 0_o

Rungitom: Hmm, that's true...but it seems like it is so easy for outsiders to enter...going out on the other hand...

Kelvin said...

They just put for fun lol. To shut the mouth of parents.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kelvin: as long as got 'protection', right? T_T

chris_lim said...

wow, ur institute's a jail!

Jasmine said...

Nah, it's meant for the bad people outside. They tengok, "Aik, no barb wires. Can naik this!" Then naik punya naik, and bila mau lompat masuk dalam, they fall into the barb wires.

Skill your institute bah tu, want to kasih tipu the orang jahat. LOL.

Just 'sayin. :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

chris_lim: has always been, chris. has always been.