Monday, April 27, 2009

Life's a beach

This is the kind of post where I talk non-stop about my life, and flooding it with photos of what I did and shamelessly reveling every moment of it.

Okay, so me and the girls went to Redang Island last week. On the day of our last examination paper itself, we headed to Terengganu for a painful 7 hour bus ride. Note that painful is a super understatement. Feeling really conscious about my bladder, wanting so bad to sleep, and trying hard to block off Malay 90s rock music from terrorising my ears was just...pure torture. We finally reached our destination literally stale and antsy at 5.30am and had to wait for another 4 hours for our ferry. This is us forcing a smile.

We finally reached our resort around noon, and guess what the worst thing could happen on a scorching hot day? A receptionist telling us that our booking had been canceled. I felt like I'd rather drown in the waters of Terengganu than take a ferry and bus back. But eventually, everything was settled. I can live longer.

The first thing we did was of course went to see our neat sea-hillview room. Five minutes later, it became a pigsty.

After not having the ability to clean oneself within the time span of 18 hours, I was fresh and no longer easily agitated. And I finally felt pretty in the photos with makeup on. After we got tired of taking vain photos of ourselves in the room, we finally headed down to the beach.

The beach was just breath taking. It's all those cliched description of the beaches you imagined going in your English or BM essays in school. Literally white sands and a perfect gradation of blue from the beach to yonder. Just breath taking.

And the water? Crystal clear. Pardon my cliche.

So we did what we do best for the next 3 hours.

Taking outrageous photos. Shamelessly.

Later that night we planned to have at least one grand dinner in this ridiculously expensive resort (our room rate was a steal anyway, courtesy of Jowie's mother's membership status). This was what we had:

It's a nasi goreng with two pieces of prawns, two sticks of ayam percik (if I'm not mistaken), a tiny lump of mango kerabu and some fish crackers. And it costs RM28.
I just felt obliged to eat the two pieces of prawns which I knew I would get itchy lips and stomach discomfort later on. And yes, I did get itchy lips and stomach discomfort.

Feeling disgruntled with the food, we comforted ourselves with a bottle of ice wine at night which was obviously scarce in amount and played cards and eating peanuts as bets ('coz we're just not too generous). It was an aite night. Though it could've been better if we were not too beat and had more alcohol. The plan to get hammered was sadly canceled as a can of Tiger costs RM21.

The next day was our snorkeling day. We were so vain we had to put makeup and contact lenses on. And for the whole time, I kept reminding myself not to rub my eyes so as to avoid the eyeliner from smudging and the contacts from falling. We were brought to five tiny islands. The water was so freakin' clear, you can actually see the bottom of the sea and feel acrophobic. Other than that, the view was just magnificent beyond words. All these times I thought the peak of Mount Kinabalu view is the most beautiful scene on earth (or in Malaysia); well, this could easily trump it. I could just stay afloat forever and die of mesmerization.

We were brought to another area of the waters to look at turtles. Turtles! I saw five of it, and one just swam below me. It was awesome. And if you're about to ask me did I touch 'em or piggy ride on them, NO, we can't do that. It was such a surreal sight, 'coz you only get to see them on the Discovery Channel. It was majestic.

After that, we were brought to another part of the island. By this time, I badly, badly needed to pee. Don't judge me. The water was still clean and sparkly.

Our second last stop was Laguna Beach, which was the other side of the island. And you can guess what we did for an hour.

Finally, we were brought to the Marine Park. By this time, I wasn't keen on snorkeling anymore as I was given a defect snorkeling mask (I misplaced mine) and the water kept flowing in. So we just chilled by the beach and laughed ourselves silly when the wave push as back like a bunch of retards.

So it was finally time to go back to the resort. To redo our makeup for our next photo-taking session playing at the resort's beach. The Bobbi Brown pot eyeliner introduced by Jowie was a wonder though, it didn't even smear nor smudge:

My eyebrows were gone by the way.

Next stop: the resort's beach. It was fun acting not our age, splashing water at each other and do some mud slinging. And of course, more pictures.

As the sun sets, we decided to leave the beach...and jump into the swimming pool. We love water.

Half an hour later, we got shooed from the pool as it was closing time. The resort was organizing a BBQ party which only left us drooling in despair. So we just head out to a warung outside the resort and bought nasi goreng that costs as its supposed to cost.

By the time I took my shower, I realised how tanned I became. My legs looked like they were gloved with black stockings. And I thought that I should have a nice warm bath, but instead, it scalded my burned body. By right, it wasn't even THAT hot. Bad idea.

The next day, it was time to leave paradise. We had to wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready for our 7am ferry ride back to the mainland. Now that wasn't fun at all. By the time we reached Kuala Terengganu and settled in for another 7 hour bus ride, I became an undead.

Hence ending our awesome trip to Redang Island.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Life as I know it, ends today.

May I not stay restless and be in peace.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seasons Fulfilled

There’s no summer here
Nor there is spring
There’s no fall here too
And of course it doesn’t snow

But if you look around you –

Sometimes the sun does shine
Sometimes the flowers do bloom
Sometimes the wind do blow
And if you wanted it to,
you might see some snow

Sometimes all you need is hope
‘Coz sometimes, things do get better

With the seasons a-passing
And with the time a-coming
Someday on a fine sunny day
Things will get better.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The little things that matter: Toes

Toes,n - The five movable parts at the end of each foot

Have you ever wondered why you have toes? What purpose do they serve? How does it contribute to your livelihood? What will happen if you don’t have it? Will you die? Will you still be able to stand, to walk, to run?

For the purpose of this post, let’s focus on my toes.

People say I'm pretty. People have to the extent asked me whether I'm a model. It’s flattering, and at the same time ridiculous. They should’ve seen my toes first before making such high statements. Yes. I have really, really ugly toes. Even appalling, you could say. They do not look like they belong to me. God must’ve been in a hurry to touch up on my toes. But I have long accepted my fate. And with acceptance, comes openness to talk about it. So here I am, showing you that I too am flawed.

Warning: The following images might cause you to
a. vomit last night’s food
b. unable to continue eating whatever that you are eating right now
c. unable to look at me and have a normal conversation anymore
d. unable to look at me without thinking “BUT JUST LOOK AT HER TOES!!!”
e. look at your own toes and analyze ‘em and realized you have ugly toes too.

Now is your chance to close this window and lead a happy, normal life. Or, you could continue reading this post and risk being marred by the images of my toes.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Get ready to be grossed out.

A. Both ‘pinky’ toes grows sideways, like plants reaching for the sun on their left and right side.

B. Both ‘index’ toes are longer than the big toe. Remember the guy in Shallow Hal who can’t stand girls with that kind of toes?

C. Notice the mountainous terrain of the toe nail. It just won’t grow flat, I don’t know why.

D. Notice the HUGE gap between the big toe and the index toe. I’m terrified by its vastness.

E. This is the grossest part. This toe has a lump, bump, hump or whatever in God's name you may want to call it. Could it be that this toe suffers the consequences of wearing 4" heels peep toes? Luckily it's outgrowing its deformity. I hope.

F. Collectively, they just look all so wrong. Like they belonged to the Elephant Man. There goes my dreams of becoming a toe model.

Reader, are you still there? I hope this revelation won't shatter your sweet image of me. But if it does, check your toes first you purist. Anyways. God made us perfect in His eyes, but not necessarily perfect in others eyes, including ours. We just have to rock out our flaws. Hence my obsession to shoes as adornment of them toes.

The Last Lecture

Well actually, it's the last day of lecture. In UPM. In a university. In a time and space where you are at the peak of your youth. Where you can be free. Where you can be all what you want to be. Where you can do whatever shit you want. Where you can be silly. Where you can be reckless. Where you are an all true varsity student.

The end is finally here. It gets nostalgic. It gets sad. It made me think, how can two years pass by so fast? The two sweetest years of my life. They say college/university is where you have the time of your life. Indeed it is true. I had it and I have no regrets. The people that I've met, the things that I have done. I have seized it. I have seized the day. And now here comes the end. I'm not so sure if I'm ready to let go, and go back that hell hole called IPTI.

I'm gonna miss this place a whole lot. Some people say "ala, UPM sucks anyway". Yes, it might be for you. Not if you are from a teacher training college where they treat you like a 13 year old, then you'll know. Then you'll be able to savour the short time of freedom, the short time of youth.

Gosh, I think I'm gonna cry.