Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Real Super Heroes

Ok, here's another series of photos where I destroy your idealistic cartoon characters. This time, it's the Marvel and DC comics characters. However, I'm just showing you WHO are the real super heroes out there.


BERNABE MENDEZ from the State of Guerrero works as a professional window cleaner in New York. He sends 500 dollars a month.

The Hulk

PAULINO CARDOZO from the State of Guerrero works in a greengrocer loading trucks.
He Sends 300 dollars a week.

The Thing

LUIS HERNANDEZ from the State of Veracruz works in demolition in New York. He sends 200 dollars a week.

The Human Torch

OSCAR GONZALEZ from the State of Oaxaca works as a cook in New York.
He Sends 350 dollars a week.


JUVENTINO ROSAS from the State of Mexico works in a fish market in New York.
He Sends 400 dollars a week.


ALVARO CRUZ from the State of Mexico works as a cook and runs with Los Compadres team.
He Sends 300 dollars a month.

Elastic Man

SERGIO GARCÍA from the State of México works as a waiter in New York.
He Sends 350 dollars a week.

Green Lantern

ROMÁN ROMERO from Tlapa Guerrero works as a superintendent in New York.
He Sends 800 dollars a month.


FEDERICO MARTINEZ from the State of Puebla works as a taxi driver in New York.
He Sends 250 dollars a week.


ERNESTO MENDEZ from Mexico City works as a gigolo in Times Square New York.
He Sends 200 dollars a week.

Cat Woman

MINERVA VALENCIA from Puebla works as a nanny in New York.
She Sends 400 dollars a week.


NOE REYES from the State of Puebla works as a delivery boy in Brooklyn New York.
He Sends 500 dollars a week.

Wonder Woman

MARIA LUISA ROMERO from the State of Puebla works in a Laundromat in Brooklyn New York.
She Sends 150 dollars a week.


ADALBERTO LARA from the State of Mexico works as a construction worker in New York.
He Sends 350 dollars a week.


JOSÉ ROSENDO DE JESÚS from the State of Guerrero works as a union organizer in New York.
He Sends 700 a month.

Works courtesy of Dulce Pinzon where she tells the story:

After September 11, the notion of the “hero” began to rear its head in the public consciousness more and more frequently. The notion served a necessity in a time of national and global crisis to acknowledge those who showed extraordinary courage or determination in the face of danger, sometimes even sacrificing their lives in an attempt to save others. However, in the whirlwind of journalism surrounding these deservedly front-page disasters and emergencies, it is easy to take for granted the heroes who sacrifice immeasurable life and labor in their day to day lives for the good of others, but do so in a somewhat less spectacular setting

The Mexican immigrant worker in New York is a perfect example of the hero who has gone unnoticed. It is common for a Mexican worker in New York to work extraordinary hours in extreme conditions for very low wages which are saved at great cost and sacrifice and sent to families and communities in Mexico who rely on them to survive.

...The principal objective of this series is to pay homage to these brave and determined men and women that somehow manage, without the help of any supernatural power, to withstand extreme conditions of labor in order to help their families and communities survive and prosper.

Don't they make the fictional super heroes look like completely obsolete pussies?


Daniel Chiam said...

No wonder all the names doesnt sound american at all... aha people worship all those comics superheroes and tend to overlook all those real heroes in our daily life. all of us should learn to appreciate the people that work freakin' darn hard just to put meals on the table for their family. illegal immigrant or not, they are still human that deserve a lil respect from us.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Uhuh...they are more heroes than anyone could imagine to their own family. it makes me ashamed that i too sometimes discriminate on them, when all they wanted was to find food for their family.

Kelvin said...

Goodbye my childhood heroes...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

kelvin: sorry dude...

Gallivanter said...

We must always be grateful with what we have...this is one of those nice reminders...

chris_lim said...

This is interesting. Can we say that the foreign workers in Malaysia are heroes too?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Gallivanter: yup...

Chris lim: well, i guess's the same, aint it?