Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fear of The Tiger

365 days has just passed. Just like that. How the eff?

And today, we welcome 2010. The numbers seem very futuristic, and probably ong, so those who wanna get married on the 10th of October this year, better secure your bookings, pronto.

And oh yeah, it's the year of the tiger. MY freakin' year. Awesome, huh?


So frickin' frickin' not!

It's the year to embody the spirit of the awesome beautiful tiger, to roar with all my prowess and to pounce on the world.

But I don't feel like it. I'm not looking forward to this whole brand new year.

I'd rather stay here in my 2009 cave and sleep whole day.

You could say I'm like a little wet, frightened kitty.

More precisely, a pussy.

For 2010 fucking scares me.

It scared eight out of my nine feline lives, and now I just only have one life. I am human after all.

Did I mention 2010 fucking scares me?


It's my final semester in my whole 6 years course of studying.

I'm going to enter a class full of hormonally charged teenagers for the first time.

As a teacher in practice for my practicum for three eternally long months.

Then as a REAL motherfucking teacher entering a class full of hormonally charged teenagers for the rest of my freakin' life.


How on earth do you transit from being a student to being a teacher? HOW?!

Frick. I'm not ready for this.

I'm not.


Here's to a whole new life.


Jessica_Lyne said...

you're going to be awesome as a teacher. The students are going to love you, don't worry so much k. Have an awesome 2010 babe :D

deeyah said...

Hey heart... I AM SCARED TOO...

Jasmit Kaur said...

i think there is a much better date that 10-10-2010 .... that is u wanna take this date to get married?????

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Jessica_Lyne: geez..thanks..i hope so! waa...i'll just have to make it awesome :D

deeyah: you know the feeling :/

Jasmit Kaur: yeah2...i just realized it too...nah, u can take that date (or jessie!)... :D

Shamimi Haniza said...

Takut smpai nk nanges setiap masa! T_T

MeMeR said...

Me is scared too thinking of that.
Anyhoo, 20. 10. 2010 is a special day to me.
Why??ehem ehem.
Figure it out

chegu carol said...

u are freakin scared now? fret not, u will be just fine. in fact, u will excel in this im sure ;)

chris_lim said...

Just be yourself and you'll do fine. Though that will give the students something to worry about.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Shamimi Haniza: Me too :(

Memer: Mer, you...getting engaged? :D

chegu carol: i am, so so much :(... keeping my fingers crossed...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

chris lim: thanks for the advice...still afraid though :/

Zen said...


Wiskies said...

oh? I'm worried of 2010 too but it is 2010 now. and oh.. u r tiger! xoxo.. no wonder u have a strong character in ur blog. Soon u can go "RAWWRR" to ur student. LOL..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

zen: lolwut.

wiskies: hehehe...if i decided to be a garang teacher la...hehe

zewt said...

a room full of harmonoly charged teens... yeah, that would be absolutely wicked...

when u read about teenagers blogging about a certain hot looking teacher... might be you!

MeMeR said...

20.10.2010 is my b'day mind you.
A nice present perhaps??hehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

zewt: hehehe...tell me when u found one!

Memer: OH! happy birthday! (in advance) :D