Thursday, November 26, 2009

This Day in History for 27th of November

I know most of you sucked in your history, so let's have a brief run down on the 10 awesome things that happened on the 27th of November staring from the year 1095 till 1986.

Pope Urban II orders first Crusade.

You know where we're dining tonight!

William Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway.

But I thought...?!

The first Eddystone Lighthouse is destroyed in the Great Storm.

Not our first lighthouse! FML...

Earliest photograph of a meteor shower made.

Dude, we're not high, are we?

Audience throw vegetables at actors for first recorded time in US.

Make sure you record this. It's going to be LEGENDARY!

Bruce Lee was born in California.

For the last time, I wasn't born in Hong Kong!

Honda first opens in America.

Luckily Hiroshima wasn't THAT big...

Harvey Milk, American politician and the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California was shot by Dan White, San Francisco supervisor.

Yeaah, I only heard of him after the movie came out. Admit it, you too.

Republic of Ireland gains consultative role in Northern Ireland.

Rejoice ye Leprechauns!

Amanda Christine Wong was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Woot!

I is wicked

Happy birthday to me! :D


Shamimi Haniza said...

Happy birthday to you! =)
R u sure dat is u? Lain je. Botak? hahaahahha

moses said...

u looked awesome...a mafia-like toddler :)

chegu carol said...

ok juga bday date ko ni, byk significant events. senang mo ingat :D

Ive said it and I will say it again,
Happy Birthday!!!!

sHeiLa said...

Happy Birthday Lady!

Master Mervyn said...

Well, Well, Happy Birthday to you Amanda hehehe :) wishin' you all good tidings in the days to come..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

mimi: thanks! so what la if i was botak..waa...

moses: u talkin' to me? :p

carol: actually nda juga best2 events happen on my bday T_T...tu ja la yg few sy rasa ok...thanks again chegu! :D

sheila: thanks! lady ok la...haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Master Mervyn: thanks a lot :D

kei-1 said...

happy bday~!

asrih arif said...

happy birthday manda... keep us alive with your jokes and beauty... hahahaahha

wordsonjpgs said...

Wow, you have the same birthday as Bruce Lee. Happy Birthday!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, ha ha, I used to score very well in History, Literature, Geography, English...But! Always passing maths just by a hair, ha ha.
Love your history pics here. Very nice.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Kelvin said...

hahaha audience throw vegetables at 1911:D
I am born in 86 too:)
Happy birthday^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

kei-1: thanks!

Asrih: thanks a lot asrih!

wordsonjpgs: awesome huh? thanks!

Uncle Lee: yeah, we can learn a lot...hehe...thanks!

kelvin: crazy huh? hehe...we're same age? awesome...thanks!

zewt said...

happy belated birthday!!! that kid is really u???!!