Monday, November 16, 2009

The Final Blow

You crushed his soul,
he just let out but a small cry.
You stabbed him a few times,
he bled but didn't die.
You tore his heart apart,
it still beats weakly and you don't know why.
So you did what you had to do,
even though you do not want to.
You put a bullet under his skull,
then break his neck and rip his head out,
with his fragile spine and all.
Now you know he's surely dead,
his innards all scattered on the floor.
Behold your final bloodshed -
He doesn't have to suffer anymore.


Shamimi Haniza said...

Finally. i miss u poem babe. ni mesti da byk masa. sbb tu u start writing again kn? ~wink~

Amanda Christine Wong said...

uhuh uhuh :D

Gallivanter said...

Goodness gracious me! GASP! :-O

Daniel Chiam said...

the masterpiece for me is still

roses r red
violet r blue
sugar r sweet
and so r u

haha you'll probably skip reading that coz u already know it XD urgh dark poem me scared =X

Amanda Christine Wong said...

just let me be ms little darkness for a while aight...haha

Yumie said...

I LIKE! <3 <3 <3

deeyah said...

haih... hope the man really feel no pain anymore after his death... or else he'll come as hantu to kacau u... hahaha...a piece of good writing babe... keep it up...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yumie: thanks :D

deeyah: er...hope not?hehe...thanks darling... :D

sheen said...

thank god he's dead..

chegu carol said...

apa ni bedarah2 ni? ;)

Amanda Christine Wong said...