Monday, November 30, 2009

Disney Hunks!

Last post we talked about Disney princesses. Today let's talk about their heroes. But living in a sexist world, we don't get to see what happened to them after their happily ever after. We don't get to see them develop beer guts or balding heads. INSTEAD, we get to see them all SUPER DELICIOUSLY SEKSED UP! Even the most feminist and gayest woman would want to play damsel in distress if our favourite princes and heroes get to be dressed (or undressed) like this. Enjoy, you horny bitches.

Peter Pan from Peter Pan

Good thing you'll never grow up.

Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

I'll never sleep. EVER.

Eric from The Little Mermaid

I know you'd like some sushi.

Adam (Human Beast) from Beauty and the Beast

Under all those fur is a sexier beast.

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

Another sexy beast

Aladdin from Aladdin

I'd like to see a whole new world with you.

John from Pocahontas

You can colonise me.

Kocoum from Pocahontas

You can decolonise me.

Thomas from Pocahontas

Yeah, I don't really remember you, but you look like fun.

Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Save me, I'm a gypsy. I swear.

Hercules from Hercules

Hi, I'm Aphrodite...

Shang from Mulan

Oh shucks, you caught me...Can I still be in your army?

Tarzan from Tarzan

I don't know what you just said but I'd like to follow you back to the jungle.

John Henry from John Henry

Yeah, I don't know you, but my that's a big sledge hammer you have.

Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove

I'd groove with you.

Milo Thatch from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

I'm lost. Find me?

David from Lilo & Stitch

Well aloha there...

Jim from Treasure Island

Looking for some treasure?

Will Turner from Pirates of The Caribbean

Let's abandon ship together.

Troy Bolton from High School Musical

Wanna play ball?

Prince Edward from Enchanted

When you come to save me in the real world, don't wear pants.

King Peter and Prince Caspian from Narnia

Let's do it for Narnia.

Prince Naveen from Princess and The Frog

I don't care if you were green and slimy before.

THANK YOU David Kawena!

Disney marathon, anyone? :D


Yumie said...


I was swearing to myself I won't fall for your trick of sketched out hunkies!

And. I fail. Miserably.

Its not fair! You used David! Rawr.


Jessica_Lyne said...

hahahaaha! Pretty boys with playboy poses. Prince Edward has a robust butt. And Tarzan...oh Tarzan! And John looks so much better with..uh..less clothes on..@_@ David Kawena defiled Disney! lol

sHeiLa said...


Melancholic Fool said...

two posts amanda, you destroyed disney for me...

oh bugger.... i just thought wanna sownload snow white... but now... x payah la...

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

hhhh ... hhaaaawwwwhhh~!

never skip staring from waist and below. mahahahaa

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Yumie: just cant help it! i dont want to be the only freakazoid lusting over disney's cartoon characters...hehe :D

Jess: hehe...i was in love with john, and now im more in love with him ever!let's give our thanks to david for defiling disney... :D

Sheila: ko gerigitan ka ni sheila..haha

Azhar: sorry! i just hadda, back to back! least they're hotter than ever? hehe

Annie: jaga annie, si harry nda kasi tgk ko disney cartoon lagi tu nanti...haha

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...


psst! jan kestau dia sa tingu ni post.. wahahaa

CynthD said...

disney hotties turned sex symbols!

Daniel Chiam said...

all of them share the same things, big balls and tight ass -_-

and all those who left a comment is all girls and everyone was super happy [HORNY] with this post...

I have my sexy Disney princesses pictures too, its my private collection, lol :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: ok! hee

Cynth: and they did a great job!

Daniel: well, it's Disney - the heroes HAS to be perfect, even in that department :D

Im just trying to make the girls happy...hehe

Ba, why dont u share it with us? :p

chegu carol said...


eh tapi si will turnet kici ja tu anu dia...hahahaha

Dierdre said...

Suddenly wish they were real people! im feelin horny. akakakaa...
The real ones "kicik2" namau. troy bolton??? hahahahaha.. get out!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: haha! keeping it real ba tu...kasian juga...haha

Dedz: hehehe...sial o ni cartoons bikin horny...sick! masi budak ba tu si troy...haha ;D

sHeiLa said...

same with si annie ba.cudn't take my eyes away from the waist below..hahahahaa

'gurlp' jugalaaa

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sheila: kastau tunang ko! haha :D

Kelvin said...


Nice one pretty!

These pics got the Twilight feel, next Disney's vampire movie perhaps?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Coz of all the sexiness they exude? i guess so! :D

gastonlover said...

Thanks allot for Gaston,
you've no idea how much thought I've given to this image.
I've dreamt about him finding me for years !

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, Wow! Love the pics! Talk about hunks, these sure are.
Bet they make SYTs forgettheir mother's names and what virtues taught too, ha ha.
Kong hei fatt choy.
Keep a song in your heart.