Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Would you survive Bendera's attack?

So an Indonesian extremist nationalist group wants to attack us. When was that again? The 8th of October? And then postponed to the 9th? How come there's no bloodshed yet? Oh, wait. It was actually anytime between the 8th and 22nd of October. Holy shit! It's today!

What would you do when they attack? Would you survive? Answer the two questions below to find out:

1. When Bendera (Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat) seizes your mode of transportion while driving back to work, you will:

A. Pee your pants and beg for mercy.
B. Pee your pants out of hilarity and mockingly beg for mercy.

2. What will be your genius strategy when dealing with your captors?

A. Feign loyalty to them to save your ass.
B. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em". 'Coz joining a national threat is waaay fun than just firing malicious comments about the government on the internet.

Your results:

Mostly As
You'll go to the Indonesian jail 'coz you kantoi.

Mostly Bs
You'll get detained under ISA for treason and enemy provocation.

Both As and Bs for both questions
You'll get stabbed by bamboo sticks and burned on a stake 'coz anyway, you stole their song, culture and mistreat their people in Malaysia. Yes, you. Even though you sit on your ass whole day completely oblivious with what's going on in your country and that you were bestfriends with your Indonesian maid's son when you were six.

On a more serious side, just be careful wherever you are. It may or may not be true, but it doesn't hurt to keep vigilant. And stay away from bamboo weilding people. Eventhough they are white little people. It could be a decoy.


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

takut juga sa pasal itu bendera tu.. ya ba they said mau attack msia..

why do you think they postponed d attack? tulung la.. no attack please.. huhu.. ramai lagi durang di kalangan kita kan amanda..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

tia tau la annie, maybe dorang actually just want to gertak2, ataupun they want to attack when kita nda sedar...huhu. tapi buduh la dorang, mcm la duit kita nda p tmpt dorang...

chris_lim said...

Funny post and interesting pics.

zewt said...

on a more serious note, i wonder how our wonderful arm forces will react when being attacked... not us...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Chris: i just like to make fun of serious situations...hehe

Zewt: Hm, there'll just probably catch one or two people...but if they attack us with candles and roses...they gonna catch 'em all!

wordsonjpgs said...

Deaf, wheelchair-bound attackers wielding samurai swords sound pretty wild.

I imagine their training to be like Woody Allen's slapstick montage in Bananas:

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wordsonjpgs: at least they know how to remove poison from snake bites :D