Friday, October 30, 2009

The Wholesales Virgin

Hi, I'm Amanda.

I'm a wholesales virgin.

Today I broke my wholesales virginity.

I thought I could handle myself with poise and rationale.

But I went crazy instead.

I had to borrow my class fund (I'm the treasurer for my class) to satisfy my uncontrollable lust for expensive-things-that-miraculously-become-fucking-cheap and I left the building with only RM2 to spare. Luckily there was a shopping mall within a 100m radius.

If you're a a wholesales virgin like I was, take my word, you do not want to have RM2 left in your wallet and the ATM machine keeps rejecting your card. No matter how bad you want to buy everything from the sales because it's just too fucking cheap not to buy it.

The wholesales was for L'Oreal, Maybelline and Garnier. Everything costs less than half than they are in retail. Fuuuck...

This is what I was possessed to buy:

And all these babies costs RM105. FUCKING ONLY!

It would've cost roughly round RM250.

I'm gonna sleep with them tonight so that when I wake tomorrow morning, I'll open my eyes to them and see that I didn't dream going to a wholesale sales today and spent peanuts on expensive drugstore makeup.

For those who are in Johor Bahru and would like to get super fucking ass cheap branded makeup and skincare, head to The Grand Paragon Hotel. The sales is only till the 1st of November.

And yes, Cohort 3 B. Ed 2, I WILL replace the money I've unconsciously used and I promise not to dishonour my job as a trusty treasurer and please do choose me as your treasurer again for next semester 'coz it's very convenient for times like these. You still do trust me right? Right?


deeyah said...

hahaha.. cool la you manda... nasib baik i just brought less than hundred.. if not.. mati laa... no money for food dy.. huhu~

sHeiLa said...

hahaha..ok ok..i feel u gurl!

me also sometimes TER'pakai' money-which-is-not-mine for these kind of stuff..but hey, i did replaced ah! :P


Daniel Chiam said...

I hold quite a position that has to deal with collective money from the members and yes, I have spend it for my self satisfaction for countless of time. As long as you could pay it back in time, haha. Wholesales in the west is freakin damn good! Never been one in Sabah =(

Joan said...

funny but true..

its okay bah to use the money, I do that also..hahaha..

sa mau beli of tu make up if price like that..huhu

chegu carol said...

i think we have all been there done that bah kan? hahahaha....

Amanda Christine Wong said...

deeyah: but u are so strong! 'cept for the hairdye dilemma la...hehe

Sheila: glad to know im not alone! :D

Daniel:u can't help it ba kan...haha..and yeah, the wholesales that i went goes all over peninsular only :/

Joan: very convenient ba,nasib sy nda p withdraw duit banyak2...ada habis trus...heh

Carol: it's nice to have supportive shopaholic bloggers! :D

Jessica_Lyne said...

Can I teleport t0 JB now? hehe.

kei-1 said...

Got poisoned? As long as its worth it, its all good.

heh treasurer money huh, a job which I could never take, coz 1 trip to an arcade is all I need to empty everything I have in my wallet

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Jess: hehe...u know actually in KL lagi banyak tau warehouse sales, which i never know...rugi ni 2 tahun there tia pernah pigi :(

Kei:good thing they never choose u! and i hope they'll still choose me for next year....