Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm a winner!

See, I rarely win something by chance.

So when a beauty blogger, Chris, announced that I'm the winner of her 100th post giveaway, it practically made my oh-so-mundane day.

This is what I'll be checking in my letter box soon (well, my dad's actually, at the local post office):

Though I've never heard of these products before, screw it - I'm a winner and the other participants can suck it! :D


chris@dotagaki said...

since when I'm a beauty photographer? Ooo another chris :P jk. Congrats on winning ur products.

Dierdre said...

hihi.. man.. I also won something recently. via stella matilda's blog.. but it's nothing compared to what ur getting! jealous! u deserve it.. simple+genuine answer. makes me wanna get that mascara.. tho i already have.. hehe. yg lain2 tu macam copy paste dari adV ja sa nampak. dududu..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

chris: hehe...mesti u perasan for a while huh :P...thanks!

dedz: hehehe..but random only la i kena pilih tu...terang2 she pakai tu im happy anyway...stella matilda? mau p check out la ni...and congrats to u too! :D

chegu carol said...

no matter what u won, but u won!
itu yg best tu. :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: uhuh! :D