Thursday, October 15, 2009

How spontaneity can fuck you up

We make plans, we stick to it. We have schedules to meet, routines to follow.

This need to be in control is probably one of the contributors that dulls our life. 'Coz there's no more excitement in your life anymore. Everything's planned. Everything's need to be executed as scheduled. Your need to be in control is so strong, you are afraid to be spontaneous. You are afraid to take unknown risks as it might fuck your life up. But it does spice up your boring life.

However, it can also really fuck you up, so your paranoia is true.

I just made one spontaneous decision yesterday.

Now I wish I hadn't.

For it turned out to be one big fat expensive mistake.

See, I wanted this hair since like, forever.

This is what I went home with:

Plus RM300 poorer.


I wanted to set this salon on fire for its glittery false promises.

Digital perm my ass. Go back to your hair dressing school lah. Or go lecture for an advertising course on how to trick and lie to your clients.

But then again, after much ranting, whining, setting them on fire in my head and talking to people who did digital perms before, or knows anyone who did it, I learned one thing.

There's no such thing as being able to achieve huge, bouncy permanent curls by doing a digital perm. I know four people who did it, and only one managed to get that wonderful, dreamy curls. So it's basically a luck thing and probably your hair texture.

And this is what an internet article says about it:

The digital perm is a renovation of an old idea. One of the earliest methods of “permanent waving” used metal rods through which electric current was run to heat them, with chemical solutions applied in order to create “permanent waves” in the hair. The process was cumbersome, and often severely damaging to the hair.


This is one example how spontaneity can fuck you up.

So, when was the last time you did something spontaneous and it fucked/did not fuck up your life?


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

it's like indah khabar dari rupa.. that is why i always do a research before i decide to a beauty makeover.. walaupun setakat manicure pedicure.. hehe..

sabar kio mandak.. u owez look gorgeous, no matter what!

chegu carol said...

In order to do your desired hair style, u need to blow set after that tu...there's no way a perm or whatever perm there is can create that look. at least, thats what the hairstylist that i frequented said la...

but all is not lost bah...if u malas go saloon tu do blow set, buy your own curler. but then of course, byk kerja lagi lah.

wordsonjpgs said...

The most spontaneous thing i did was to go to China and teach for a year after I couldn't get a job as a fresh grad. Life was pretty fucked up there, but there were some good moments.

After a year there, I still couldn't figure out what I wanted back home. So I extended it to two years. I consider it paying my dues.

The best thing I gained from China is a friend whom I still keep in touch with regularly. Guess there's no worst thing - all the negatives can be filed away in the 'experience' cabinet.

So, going to China on a whim didn't fuck up my life, much.

sHeiLa said...

which is why i am soooo scared whenever went to saloon coz sumtimes the outcome will not as u desire..heh

well, u still look 'wow' anyway :))

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: tu la! waa...i should've done my homework first...padan muka sendiri ni...huhu...yeah,like, kasi rock ja la...hehe

Carol: actually i heard that before,yg the salon in kgau, but i was stubborn ni, mau juga try and mau juga wanna believe we can have that kind of hair...alas...if i have lots of time maybe la... 0_o

Wordsonjpgs: Wow. Now thats a massive spontaneous move! that was a really bold move, and yeah, i believe that u gain more than u expected. I salute u! so i guess spontaneity works for u then :)

Sheila: too! all the time! jarang skali i dpt my desired hairstyle, but its ok oso la..btw, thanks anyway...hee

Eric said...

wei, i like the last pic. u shudve gone back there when they hv closed n u conteng it.

Maksim Markusevich said...

mendaaa....OMFG u look like some cyborg woman in that pic! those machines look scarier than any machines in my hospital! can achieve those looks by daily sculpting i.e. sendiri beli heat rollers and do them every day...susah but better least u get the looks.

i wanted wavy hair like forever...big malay its like "ikal" hair...but then in russia i have no idea how to explain "wavy" or "ikal". their vocab is sooo poor so i had to settle with "curly" i went in the salon with straight long shiny shoulder length hair...then exited with hair fit for Miss East Timor pageant. i was like my head cant fit in the snow capp!!!! crap. so i had to live in ridicule for 6 mths then i got rid of them for good. hahahaha.

since that incident, i got myself a heat roller. and i learnt that id just hve to spend 15 mins in the morning just to do my wavy hairdo - which is way better than to live 6 mths looking like something the vaccum cleaner coughd up.

but x worry lar dear...u look fab even though ur bald! :D XOXO

zewt said...

did any students hit on you after this? haha!

CynthD said...

i did digital perming twice and i love the result! :D

planning to do damage control?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

eric: *plotting*

Max: OMG Max, did you know how long I had to sit on my ass with those things?4 effing hours!
So u had a "bad salon day" too o kaan? aaaa...must be interesting to have a 'fro for 6 months in russia...hehehe...
I dont know la max, mcm susah ja i want to style my hair everyday. i do have the curler but u know la, if u do urself sure not perfect.but probably if i practice more...haih,ntah la. im just rocking it now, antam ja laa.. :D

Zewt: I'm not teaching yet, but when I went for class, nobody noticed it 0_o

Cynth: WHICH SALON DID YOU GO?! Well, i thought of it, like even wanting to give them a piece of my mind, but i have come into terms with it...ergh.

norbahira said...

when i decided to perm(like you) my short hair to make it look thicker like christina aguilera (i wish!) but ended up looking like an old auntie.

oh, and when i decided to accept a guy and look how that turn out..

anyway being spontaneous is fun but it not fun anymore when you didnt like the end result...haha

CynthD said...

i went to this chinese aunty back home using korean products. freaking cheap, long lasting and it's exactly how i want it to be!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Ira: the makes the two of us! and oh, my bf was a spontaneous decision too...hehe. yeah, thats a risk one has to take when making spontaneous decisions.

Cynth: hm..maybe i should go back home and redo at my tiny, hometown salon O_o