Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free the animals!

There are numerous campaigns out there urging people to save the endangered species of the world since the Dodo bird died. Which is good. Especially pandas. How can you not love pandas?

But the ironic thing is, has nobody ever thought of saving wild animals from the steel cages of a zoo?

People all over the world are advocating to save the wild life; and by catching the last survivors a certain species and putting them in a zoo for human display, they considered their job done. Hey, we can facilitate their breeding and make more of 'em so they won't go extinct! We are Gods!

Okay, consider this. Say Ardi, the oldest human ancestor was found...alive! He and a female Ardi. They are of course considered endangered 'coz if they die, Darwinian believers will mourn the death of the very evidence of their existence, and the Christians will raise their praise to God.

So what better way to keep them alive? Lock them up in a human zoo of course! And force them I mean facilitate their breeding so that they will be a new generation of Ardis. And we can watch them everyday till they evolve into retarded Homo sapiens like us!

Wrong, no? That applies exactly the same on animals.

Which brings my point to a hopeful news I read today on

“Wild animals belong in the wild. An animal who lives a long and healthy life but dies in the wild is not worse off than animals who spend all their lives pacing in enclosures.”

I'm not a fan of Amber Chia, nor am I fan of Peta's exploition of women's body ("I'd rather go naked than wear fur") poster campaigns to champion their cause. Or tapping into men's sexual realms to date women who are vegetarians by screening the Super Bowl ad of hot women treating your everyday greens as sex objects. It's probably the easiest way to sell your cause. And also by feeding the vanity of celebrities.

But whatever. As long as they think using Amber Chia's face to make people believe that putting animals in captive for their entertainment is bad, I'm all for it. Plus I think the image above sends a pretty strong message, doesn't it? 'Cept that she has a really weird, unhuman/tiger-like stance.

I admit I'm not much of an animal lover and I love my bacon. But I just can't stand seeing animals being kept in cages.

"Dude, are we in the Amazons already?"
"Bro, you're so high...I want some of them tranquilizer shit too"


Eric said...

so manda..u like to free the animals? hehe..

room8five said...

PETA = People Eat The Animal

Amanda Christine Wong said...

eric: err...maaaaybe?

daniel: ironic!

Eric Constantine said...

never thought that Amber could transform partially into tiger form do we expect ourselves to 'view' the animals in the wild jungle..that's the purpose of the zoo ...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

That's true. it's a grey area. i myself want to go to the zoo to see the wildlife animals...but when i go there i kesian pla with them...

Phoebe said...

I think this is a situation where you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Leave them in the wild and they get hunted down by hunters and poachers. Put them in the zoo and its really a poor substitute for their natural habitat not to mention being stared at in their every waking moment. There are sanctuaries out there but its just not enough. It really is sad.

I love my meat too. Although I don't like the idea of animals being kept in steel cages, I dunno, maybe it's better than being extinct? If only animals can talk and we can give them a choice instead of insisting that we know what's best for them. Also, it's the least that the zoos could do to keep the environment of the animals in captivity as natural and comfortable as possible. that's just my 2 cents on this topic.