Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Almost Teacher Experience

Last week, we were thrown into a school environment for five days. We are to observe teachers, collect useless data, mingle around, and basically, see what it’s like to be in school. We’ve all been to school before, but this time, it’s different. You become one of them – the teachers. Uber weird.

But I don't wanna...

I got into an all-boys school. AN ALL-BOYS SCHOOL. Let’s just call that school SMK G.I. Joe – I promised the principal, Mr. Love, to protect its privacy. And yes, that’s his real name. I kid you not. And you do not want to know what comes before that.

It was really interesting to see what four hot, young female teachers can do to 500 boys who are deprived of the fairer sex of their age.

It was bedlam.

It almost felt like a mass adulation of a goddess where even an unmet attention could break a boy’s heart.

Or like a mass verbal sexual harassment when you visit a prison cafeteria full of prisoners whose only source of sexual gratification is by sticking their wang up to their cellmate's butt.

Depends on how you look at it.

But I kinda like it there. Not because of their undying attention we get though (well, maybe just a tinsy winsy bit for ego-boosting on an ugly day). But for what we can actually, maybe do for this school.

‘Coz this school is a mess.

ETR is the expected target of students passing, made by the big guns (those of above the headmaster). And TOV is the reality – the actual number of student’s passing. And if this isn’t messed up enough, the PMR students' ETR is 65%. The TOV? 7.7%. This is probably the worst school in JB.

Besides having to be made answerable to the big gun’s massively blind expectations of the school, the teachers here are struggling to even teach them how to read, write and count, and to make sure they come to school, or not get into fights, or not getting suspended or expelled.

Speaking of expulsion, it has become a norm in this school. Due to the education policy that one school cannot deny a student’s right to register, SMK G.I. Joe has been kicking out students and taking back them in like an ex you can’t get rid of. And they receive with open arms expelled students from other schools, ‘coz they don’t have a choice.

Some never entered class after that, and only show up during their PMR or SPM.

Bottom line: this place is not for rookie teachers, especially babies like us.

But like I said, I kinda like it here. The teachers are nice and won’t give you a hard time. The Joes here may be wild, raucous, lazy, rude and horny, but I think for good reasons. They’re just kids from broken families who craved for a little love and attention. And the numbers may show that they are just a bunch of retards who most probably will end up pushing drugs for a living, but I can see (from my classroom observation) that they are not entirely stupid. They just need a little push.

Maybe if I sit like this the teacher will think I'm paying attention...

The Penolong Kanan told us, “If you can handle SMK G.I. Joe, you can handle any schools.”

I’d like to come back here for my practical. I’d take the risk of getting a sadistic lecturer whose only sworn objective is to destroy me and my grades.

‘Coz I think the experience will be worth it.

That is, if I don’t die in the process.

Here’s a short footage of the Joes on our last day:

Or maybe I'm just being a dreamer, thinking I could save the world by helping these kids.

Geez, the ridiculous plot of Heroes Season 3 is really messing with my head now.


MeMeR said...

OMG,if i were to be posted to his school,I am just DONE!!!

Maksim Markusevich said...

omg. i so kasian u.

kei-1 said...

pretty much the same thing as my school. ditto in nearly every aspect except that its co-ed.

its the kind of situation that really makes you think that all that you have learn is useless and a waste of time.

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

where is this?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

memer: naah, u'll survive...u're a guy :D

max: why thank you.waa...

kei: right?! what have we been doing these past 5 years...sigh

annie: it's one of the schools in JB :/

Asrih Arif said...

i hope u came back alive... hahahahah

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Asrih: yeaah...i made it :D

zewt said...

hahaaha... i was from a all boys school and i remember how it felt when girls from other schools drop by to "do history project".

one thing though, it has never occured in our mind that we will stick our wangs up the crack. oh no no no....

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Zewt: hey zewt! nice to meet ya. anyways. bout sticking up wangs, that was just an allegory to prisoners.heh. but if u say so, glad to know :D

zewt said...

oh... prisoners do much worse than just sticking it up...

Hunky said...

hey Amanda, i don't mean to be an "atuk", but I thought i'm gonna share this with you:

I had always have a softspot and huge respect for teachers, because I come from a family line of teachers. My late grandfather was a grandmaster in a school in Rembau, and my grandmother was a primary school teacher.

Until now, during this past raya, a lot of their students still visit. Doctors, high ranking government officials, politicians, engineers, you name it.
Not necessarily big jobs, the students with just normal jobs also come to show gratitude for helping them to become great people.
And because of that, even if they didn't make it big time, their sons and daughters did it for them. They raised a new generation of doctors, engineers etc.

Whatever you choose to do in the future, that's ok. I just want to say that your work is so important. I wish God will bless you and give you the strength to carry forward even when times get hard and unfavorable to you. In the long run, you are the backbone of society.

=) cheers

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hunky: thanks for the inspiration - i kinda really need one right now. i never wanted to be a teacher, but now im here, and its gonna be a pretty daunting task to be one. at times im still lost and i wonder what kind of teacher i will be. but i am still gonna learn :)

DJoker Razgriz Gustav Beouwolf XIII said...

Ask your senior Din about the school. Or Ahmad Suhaizie Shan.

They both had their practicum in the school.

Be wary of certain backstabbing teachers, and make powerful allies of your mentors and certain teachers. You'll be safe, and you'll learn many things.

If you enter that school, I'll congratulate you for graduating from "School of Hardknocks".

I'll root for you, may you be a better teacher.

You go, Amanda!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Badi: seriously? that's scary! thanks, i hope so too...huhu