Friday, September 4, 2009

To teareth down what you buildeth

Since the day we merdeka, we are told to unite with other races. To integrate. To live in peace and harmony. And so not subtle, racial integration propaganda has been seeped into our daily lives for the past 52 years: billboards with the three major races holding hands, the appearance of an Ali, Ah Meng and Raju in school textbooks, tv and radio ads with the three major races in it, a Gong Xi-Raya and a Deepa-Raya, students doing groupworks/staying in hostels/organizing activities with the condition of must having a different race together with them.

It's nice to know that with or without the help of those efforts, we have learnt to be colour blind. We might not be completely colour blind, but at least we tolerate, we get along, we've made best friends, and we've married each other. I'm not going to deny that we are still racist - we are: still making racist jokes, stereotyping and branding them, making fun of their accent, but we do all these to each other with no hard feelings.

Xenophobia and ethnocentrism is hard to erase completely, but the government's effort to patch us up is not in vain for quite a handful of us.

And now with the 1Malaysia concept, our ideal world of a truly, beautiful, raceless country is out there. We just need to hold hands together to reach it.

But like an ideal world, it is far-fetched. There are always the ones who wants to beat the system. Or more precisely, beat their own system.

There's that MACC's racist treatment towards its detainee.

Then there's the time when Muslim journalists spied on a Catholic church.

And there's that anti-ISA rally that turned into a warzone.

Oh, and who does not know about the cow head incident?

We are so close to integration, yet still lightyears away from it.

The question is, why are they tearing something down which they have spent half a century trying to put together?

What have they been harping all along? What do they actually want us to do now?

One beautiful concept going down the drain, coming up!