Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Korean Affair

No, I didn't have an affair with a Korean.

But I did have a go with Korean food today.

And I ate two bowls of rice.

'Coz I just couldn't stomach the rest.

When you can't pronounce half of the food in the menu, you know you're in for a ride. Either you'll squeal with delight, or puke.

I have to say I'd do the latter. Good thing I didn't literally do it.

I thought Korean food tastes bland. And they taste the same. If it doesn't taste the same or bland, then it would taste funny. And it's not so funny when such a joke can set your wallet on fire.

My palate just couldn't take it.

Stir fried meat with apples? Are they trying to cut down eating time by combining the main course with the dessert? But why?!
And then there's this stir fried rice paste thingy. Think dodol being fried with sweet and sour sauce. Nasty, ain't it? Not to mention the array of dishes that belongs to a freak show.

I'm not gonna say all Korean food are bad. The soup was aight, tasted almost similar to the Japanese Miso soup. And thank God the potato salad tastes like an actual potato salad with no red colouring in it or any funny smell. The rice especially, is pretty swell, especially if eaten with their soy sauce.

The good ketchup that saved Amanda from sulking in the corner

And um...that's about it.

It would be unfair to say that Korean food sucks in general. My friends enjoyed the food, and I have yet to try their BBQs. But judging from this experience, this will probably be the first and the last time I'll eat Korean.


Shamimi Haniza said...

Is it dat BAD??? Lagi teruk wif d one i bawa u mkn dat day at mid??

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yg mid punya laaaagi sedap :/

ALTing said...

i'm not a fan of korean food either but i do think that the korean bbq is nice... that's just about how much i like korean food.. kimchi?? i've had enuff of that after having a housemate wit a korean gf living wit us... we had it like almost everyday... belaaaaahhh....

Amanda Christine Wong said...

so the BBQ is worth it then? takut already i wanna enter korean restaurant...huhu...doooi, must've sucked to have to eat kimchi everyday..bluek

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

i never go to any korean restaurant before, and reading ur post, sa betul2 nekad tiamau masuk forever-rever! hehe.. just because i hate to try new food.. :p just asking 4 ur pov, mana lagi bagus, korean food or japanese food?

Gallivanter said...

LOL! Well, that kimchi dishes are not too my liking either. But you should try spicy octopus, I forgot the name of the dish, as that one's awesome!! :-)

I hate kimchi, but I sure do love their spicy octopuses! :-D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: hehehe...that's my opinion kawan ok ja ni mkn, nda ja in my pov, memang japanese laaagi better :)

Gallivanter: spicy octopus huh...if you say so...then maybe, just maaaybe i'd enter a korean restaurant again...hehe

Maksim Markusevich said...

eee setuju!!! dat day i went to korea i had a terrible time trying to eat
"something" really bad....i beli this mi kicap lookalike...sklai makan punya pahit....waakkkkk~ then sa order utk kali kedua terlampau pedas tapi takda rasa...gila!!!! terbakar wallet oh. dan balik2 di flight makanan dia tu BIBIMBAP dah fed up aku makan tu dgn kimcheeeeee

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Max: hahaha...ko lagi, first hand experience! i thought that korean food in msia already kena "malaysianized" a bit to suit our tongue, but it still sucks...and to eat true korean food in korea? ee,mati jg sy kali ni...hehe

Maksim Markusevich said...

hahahah yalah....eee nampak sedappp sial. tapi sklali rasa fuhhhh. trus nampak liang kubur terbuka. BUT - the bbq MEMANG SEDAP LAH. you have to try it. :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

max: hahaha...nampak liang kubur terbuka lagi tu...LOL! seems like everyone is in favour with the BBQ, so ok, imma gonna go try it someday...heh

ReinaGOD said...

Come back KL.. I'll bring you to some nice good and cheap Korean food at Ampang.. =)