Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Use The Word "Suck" In University Context

Some people might think that the word "suck" is rude, and maybe even offensive. But it is still a good English word that can convey our thoughts and emotions. But they don't teach you this in school as your teacher will get sued in court for misconduct in teaching ethics. But learning English is learning English.

So here's a guide on how to use the word "suck" in a university context:

1. Sucks (verb) : Used to say that something is very bad.
e.g . My lecturer sucks.

2. Sucker (noun) : Used to refer in a general way to person or thing, especially for emphasis.
e.g. I wish I could just set that sucker on fire.

3. Suck up (verb) : To try to please somebody in authority by praising them too much in order to gain some advantage for yourself.
e.g. In order to get good grades, Saiful sucks up to the sucky lecturer.

4. Suck up (noun) : A person who sucks up people in authority.
e.g. Saiful is such a suck up.

5. Suck it up (verb) : To accept something bad and deal with it well.
e.g. Those who couldn't suck up to their sucky lecturer, would just have to suck it up.

6. Suck somebody in (phrasal verb) : To involve somebody in an activity or a situation, especially one they do not want to be involved in.
e.g. Deera sucked her classmates in her plan to skip the sucky lecturer's class.

7. Sucker2 (noun) : A person who is easily tricked or persuaded to do something.
e.g. Deera's classmates are all suckers.

8. Suck this (verb) : To express anger or to be deliberately rude to someone by gesturing to your private parts (*apply to males only).
e.g. During the whole time the sucky lecturer was babbling and nagging, the boys were secretly wishing they could say, "Suck this!" to the lecturer without getting into disciplinary problem.

** Readers may add on, or correct writer. 'Coz the writer is still a TESL undergrad who might get sued in court for misconduct in teaching ethics in the future.


Melancholic Fool said...

yeah Amanda... thank you so much... u dont know seberapa faham nye sekarang tentang perkataan suck ini...

terima kasih...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

azhar: er...meaning?

deeyah said...

gila ko manda... aku lah deera tu kn??? hahahaha :p

chris@dotagaki said...

lol, good one. But i think u can have more word classes with the F word :P

Amanda Christine Wong said...

deeyah: yup...hee... :D

Chris@dotagaki: I did it before, but its in my old blog :)