Monday, September 7, 2009

How To Piss Off Your Lecturer/Teacher In A Civilised Manner

Throwing hateful glances to your lecturer/teacher is so the rebellious, grunge 90's. And so is yelling back and throwing your shoes at him/her. It is neanderthal, an uncivilised act. We are brought up in this world as cultured beings, prim and proper with high morals. In our Asian culture, we are taught to respect our elders, to follow orders, to bow our heads down when they tell us off, and to keep our thoughts to ourselves. But sometimes, we are human. We are cave people by nature. We just can't contain ourselves. We just can't follow orders the whole time.

So, how do we piss off our lecturer/teacher in a civilised manner when they start scolding us?

  1. Don't rebut, just smile as sickly sweet as possible, and tune him/her out.
  2. Upon smiling, raise your eyebrows the whole time to show that you have no hard feelings and have no intentions at all to scratch his or her car. Hold that thought.
  3. If you can't smile to the bitch in front of you, just nod your head, and say "Forgive me Sir/Madam" profusely. Every time he or she pauses to collect her arsenal of thoughts and words.
  4. Act dumb/retarded. Like, you just don't know why you can't stop talking in class. It's a biological, pathological problem and you need help with it.
  5. Act as if your so guilty, you have peed your pants. You'll be let off the hook as their sadism is satisfied.

See? No violence and bedlam needed.

Just beautiful, beautiful sarcasm.


deeyah said...

indeed amanda... very interesting points u have here...

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

sa suka!

but kalau students sa bikin sa macam gini, abis heels sa melekat d telinga durang kali.. hahaha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

deeyah: I was just being civilised...

Annie: yup! coz this one laaaagi pedas...haha

MeMeR said...

Interesting strategy to try here,haha

DJoker Razgriz Gustav Beouwolf XIII said...

AFAIK, it doesn't work with Pn. what's her name again.

Oh well, I think you know her better than I do.


chegu carol said...

i am doing no.2 while i read it. hahaha!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

memer: yeah-ha :D

Badi: Which lecturer do think I'm talking about? :D

Carol: hehehe...i just hope karma won't bite me back in the ass!