Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Gay Test

So you have a girlfriend and love doing 'stuffs' with her. But you ABSOLUTELY LOVE Bruno?

So you love to shop and love the feel of lipgloss on your lips. But why does Bruno give you nightmares?

So you secretly think to yourself. Am I...Could it be? But how? My girlfriend...Bruno...

Fret not my confused, in denial, probably closeted friend. There is a way to know. And it is scientifically proved.

It's the finger theory.

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, chances are you're a barbaric, meat eating, beer guzzling straight man.

And if your ring finger is shorter than your index finger, you're probably gay. Better come out now.

This rule probably applies to women, only it's the opposite. Straight women should have gay hands, vice versa.

Are you checking your fingers now? Trying hard to stretch your ring finger to make it longer than your index finger? Think it's BS 'coz no matter how hard you try, it's still shorter?

Well, here's a whole article to upset you. And there's more than the finger theory.

But today we're just gonna focus on your dainty fingers and here's a summary of it from

Incredibly, this is a real thing. It's called digit ratio theory and multiple studies have confirmed it.
Apparently if you have a longer ring finger, it means you got more testosterone as a fetus and are more likely to be hyperactive, aggressive and disgusted by anything featuring Hugh Grant.

A longer index finger, on the other hand, means more estrogen, making you more neurotic and sensitive. So if your index finger is way longer than your ring finger, you're like the gayest dude ever, right?

Actually, no. Studies found that it was when the two fingers were nearly the same length that the subjects were more likely to be gay (men and women both). Why? You'll have to ask the scientists, it's technical. What we do know is a study from Rutgers looking at finger lengths in lesbians even found a noticeable difference between the "butch" ladies who drive trucks and wear flannel and the more feminine lesbians who tend to populate your fantasies.


So... Does this help you lift a big burden off your shoulders for secretly wanting to touch Hugh Jackman's wolverinized body, when it's only a case of manly, testosterone-charged hero worship?

Or does it finally give you the freedom to wear pink and order a margarita openly? you feel like you want to shrivel up and die?

Whatever the case, you know who and what you are and no stupid research article from the internet can tell you otherwise.

But then again...


chegu carol said...

hey, ive just read about the finger digit ratio ysterday which is actually very interesting read. :)

and ya, i did compare my ring and index finger. i think i'm...ok. ;p

Eric said...

brightside: interesting.

downside: bad news.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: I'm ok too! :D

Eric: well well well! :D

Maksim Markusevich said...

manda u forgot abt the hairwhorl thingy in the article :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

max: i malas wanna read...hehe...i just read the finger one...heh

ReinaGOD said...

My Gawd.. When I first read the blog I thought you're refering to "someone" and that "someone" has a crush on Bruno a.k.a. my classmate.. =.=

Apparently it's a big misunderstanding.. lol.. =X

Amanda Christine Wong said...

jasmine: hahaha...someone has a crush on bruno (ur classmate)? 0_o

Hunky said...

thank GOD!! phewwww...


hey Amanda, i love ur blog and the things you write. It's WICKED!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Hunky: geez thanks! and that's a relieve, huh? :D. and thanks for stopping by :)