Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rubik's Cube

Remember that colourful cube that you only get to see people solve it with awe, and daren't try solving it yourself because you thought it's only meant for geniuses?

Here's a wiki trivia for y'all:

The Rubik's Cube is a 3-D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik. He sought to find a teaching tool to help his students understand 3D objects.

35 years later, it's still a big hit among school students, collegians and working adults.

And 23 years later, I'm finally able to solve it and have earned the Genius Bragging Right (Platinum).

It all started when Mimi brought one to class and started teaching us, whoever wanted to learn to be a genius. And so it spread like wildfire. Everyone wanted to be a genius. Next thing I know, half of the class earned their own personal Genius Bragging Right.

Suddenly I don't feel so much of a genius after all. But my Platinum Genius Bragging Right is still valid among those who haven't solved it.

'Coz I realised, we've been fooled all along. Rubik's Cube has always been associated with geniuses, but I can swear to you even a person raised by wolves will be able to solve this puzzle cube, granted he or she is not colour blind. So if you have never been able to solve it, you don't have to feel so bad.

See, you don't have to be a genius to solve it.

You just need good eye and hands coordination. And of course, you can't be colour blind. And a good memory will earn you the Platinum Genius Bragging Right.

It took me a while though to learn it, like, I needed a couple of days to be able to complete the whole thing. Either I have REALLY bad coordination or Mimi suck at teaching. But I eventually graduated from her school of Rubik's Cube and earned a Platinum Genius Bragging Right so whatever it is, she's awesome and I'm awesome too.

So, if you think that 'magic' cube might highlight your dumbness, it won't. It's all a lie. Anyone can solve it, even Mowgli.


Bragging Right Levels

**Genius Bragging Right:
Able to solve the puzzle, by looking at the formula

**Platinum Genius Bragging Right:
Memorized formula, and can solve the puzzle in less than 5 minutes

**Super Freakin' Genius Bragging Right:
Memorized formula, and can solve the puzzle in less than 60 seconds

**You-Must-Stab-This-Person-For-He-Is-God-Awesome Genius Bragging Right:
Memorized formula, and can solve the puzzle in less than 30 seconds either blindfolded or using only his or her feet


sHeiLa said...

ngeh ngeh..my cousin such a freak coz he can solve this thing within few minutes..while me, sampai bekecai tu cube tebuka2 ni..hahaha..

MeMeR said...

never get to solve that thing!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Sheila: haha...me too initialy! hancur ba i bikin the cube..kekeke...

Memer: Its easy! You can and u will solve that thing!

kei-1 said...

I admit I was surprised to see suddenly everyone playing Rubiks... I guess there's nerdity in all of us afterall...

Shamimi Haniza said...

Welcome to my world! Fyi, irwan msg me telling that he gian play dat thing! Hahahaha. I berjaya mengindoktrinasi bdk2 b.ed tesl cohort 3! ~evil laugh~

Amanda Christine Wong said...

kei: they need to counter the idiocy thats happening in IPTI...hehe

Mimi: u should get ready with certificates...hehe

room8five said...

Its true what you said. Once you know the formula its very easy to solve... I've done the 3x3 rubik and now I could solve the 4x4 rubik too :D

I wanted to try the triangle one!!!!! FREAKISH ME!~

Amanda Christine Wong said...

daniel is a true freak! hehe

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, I used to have one, but never got to solve it.
I keep it in my car, and quite often while waiting for my wife, I will fool around with it...
but one day left it behind on a bench in a mall, ha ha. That was it....never ever did it back to original, ha ha.
Have a beautiful Sunday, Lee.

Zen said...

that cube is evil.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Uncle Lee: hehe...that's funny...but seriously, it's easy to learn :)

Zen: And highly deceiving too!