Sunday, August 23, 2009

If You Were Rich

Would you drink a RM17 Starbucks coffee every morning,
instead of your 3 in 1 Nescafe?
Would you dine at a swanky hotel,
instead of that koptiam you have your lunch at everyday?
Would you shop at Starhill Gallery,
and never enter a flea market again?
Would you buy a pair of Jimmy Choos,
without feeling any financial pain?
Would you sign up for that designer fitness center,
instead of going for a free jog?
Would you even quit your current,
blood squeezing, hellish job?
Would you stay in a fabulous 5 star hotel when traveling,
instead of going backpacking like you always wanted to?
Would you now have to donate millions to charity,
instead of shying away from beggars who approach you?
Would you fly all over to New York to catch a broadway show,
instead of staying home to watch HBO?

And finally, would you lose your soul, with all those money on tow?


MeMeR said...

I can't tell.
I want to have all the money in the world but i know that doesnt guarantee me a true happiness.
As they say " money is the root of all evil"
but yes, i want to have a lot of money.
So that i can make people around me happy as well

kei-1 said...

money may be the root of all evil, but money is the root of everything also and "Evil" is just a perspective.

I'd take money any day. Whether you're going to do "Good" or "Evil", you still need money.

MeMeR said...

Precisely. Be it good or evil, it all depends on how we use the money right??

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hm...good point per se is not bad, its how we use yeah, i'll take money anytime too...hehe

deeyah said...

whoever says they dislikes money is a real liar... but whoever says money is a guarantor to happiness is also a real liar...
whatever it is, money is important, but we have to make sure that we do not become their slaves where we conceded everything upon having it in our pockets.. Money ain't nothing if we don't know how to appreciate it... we may have trillion dollars in the bank, but it will finish too.... Money wont last forever but if we are smart enough to spend it the right way, then we'll see the good side of having all the money in the world...

stalker said...

for once, i'd settle with anything in between (referring to your masquerade "IFs")

room8five said...

money money money... its all about the money... in a rich man's world, abba? haha

Its not a sin to be rich but its sure a sin for not doing good with the richness that you gain :D