Friday, August 14, 2009

Going Brazillian!

Not that kind of Brazillian!

Hah, gotcha!

Mind you readers seeking for some wicked pleasure from me today because, I'm trying my hand on beauty blogging, fueled by my need to be vain and imposing my vanity on you. Men, you might want to skip this post as you'd be reading cryptic along the way. Unless you are gay or metrosexual. Or just curious. I won't judge you, I promise :D

So from today onwards, I will officially be one tanned babe.

And no, it doesn't involve me frolicking on the beach.

Let's just say...sometimes, buying the right, no, perfect foundation for your face is not really an easy task to do?

See, I've been wanting to replace my L'Oreal mineral foundation as it is:

a. One shade lighter than my skin tone.
b. It uses a brush applicator, so achieving an even sweeping is difficult.
c. The brush is not so fine and its bristles would drop on my face.
d. Consisting of 'good minerals' as it is, I still do get break outs like an adolescent.
d. And my face will be oily in two hours' time.

I'm a cheapskate, hence I've been using this foundation for two years now to get my money's worth. But now, it is finishing and a huge amount has escaped through a cracked crevice, I finally have an excuse to get a different foundation to try.

I'm a cheapskate, but I have been heavily indoctrinated by those women's magazines that I must own a make up that costs as much as my half month's food expenditure. Damn glossy pages.

So, I've been doing lots of research on foundations these past few days. I don't want to end up starving myself for buying a complete rip off item. Or with those five problems I mentioned above again.

Therefore yesterday, I ended up buying this:

And no, I didn't do research on this item. I just trusted what that aunty sales assistant said.

She tested the foundation on me using the DARKEST shade and that it is the perfect shade for me. Am I that tanned that she had to choose the darkest shade ?? I whimpered silently.

But definitely, I was sold. It does seem to be the perfect shade for me. And it covers well. But she chose the darkest shade... There was a tinge of worry as I whipped out my wallet to pay for beauty.


My tinge of worry turned into a full blown paranoia.

I checked myself in the mirror at least every 15 minutes, trying to convince myself that it does suit my skin tone and that I only look darker because I've been using a foundation that is lighter for two years. Over and over again. And I want to believe so badly that it doesn't look like a chocolate pancake on my face but that it actually looks almost, almost look like my skin tone.

Because when you're makeup costs half of your monthly expenditure on food...and it doesn't deliver, or you have made a mistake of judgment...Sigh.

This is how Brazilian I could get:

Okay, based on this photo, you might think I'm just exaggerating my situation, like those skinny bitches who think they're fat. 'Coz in photos, it doesn't look so bad (thank you, God) but in the flesh, you will notice the difference.

And here's where I bitch about this product:

1. It doesn't deliver like how it should: My face got oily after two hours and my sweat penetrated it.
2. It has a pink undertone to it, so it is not suitable for olive-skinned babes like me. Or maybe I just chose the wrong shade. No, the aunty of a sales assistant chose for me.
3. And no, it doesn't last for 8 hours. Liar!

BUT, it is much finer, and glides easier than the L'Oreal foundation, and provides medium coverage to my acne scarred forehead.

So for the next two years, I'll be going "Brazillian" and accept the fact that for the next two years, people would look at me incredously when I say, "No, I'm not Malay, I'm Chinese."

And to stop checking myself in the mirror and wonder how much of a big makeup faux pas I have made.

**Vain as the writer is, she used the term "Brazillian" only as a euphemism and to make her feel better. Though she could get delusional sometimes.


Melancholic Fool said...

I stopped reading when i saw the picture of makeup thing...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha...its ok bro, i understand :P

MeMeR said...

It is so difficult for me to digest this!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

im...sure, memer :p

momo said...

it confuses me that people mistaken you as malay but when i was in shah alam, i was forever explaining 'sorry, i can't understand you. i'm not chinese'. what's wrong with these people?

by the way, brazilians are hawt! think adriana lima, think alessandra ambrosio~ so, indulge your inner-victoria's-secret-model :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Really? That's so odd, huh?! Me time puasa is the worse time to be me :/

Yeah,im like, so perasan already ni..hehe

Cynth Dorhat said...

try estee lauder. long lasting. good coverage.

Phoebe said...

When it comes to makeup, base is really important. Buy RM2 eyeshadoys in garish colors if you want, but foundation and powder is oh, so important. When shopping for something pricey put it on and leave it for a few hours to see how it feels and looks after and in natural light. You'll be less likely to make a purchase on products that don't deliver... ;)