Sunday, August 2, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

Pandemic crisis.
Global panic and terror will ensue.
What's one ruler to do?
Declare a state of emergency, evacuate and save lives?
Or cover it up with a less horrific crisis, practice safety precaution, and avoid panic and chaos?
Till someone actually dies from it?

The buried bodies won't stay buried for long.
It is bound to resurface.

And somebody's going to jail.


Cynth Dorhat said...

pigs flying to IPTI to sneeze at u guys?

MeMeR said...

I cant read between the lines..

kei-1 said...

when the body resurface it hardly matters anymore though, they have already got what they wanted.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Cynth: Yes, that's the theory...but 'pigs' are replaced with 'mosquitoes'...

Memer: How about covering up a secret?? refer to above. I'm banned from voicing this issue openly. Might get detained for spreading 'false' panic.

Kei: But they're going to pay for it, it's only fair.

Gallivanter said...

Now that's what I call a killer poem. :-D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

why thank you gallivanter :D