Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bad case of dejavu

I've never been a follower of our Malaysian politics hoo-ha.

I can't tell from one minister to another.

General elections and by-elections make me go, "Huh?"

And the only cabinet I'm familiar with is the one at home where my baby photos are kept.

So basically, I'm politically retarded.

But I know something is seriously wrong when I read this article from


KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 — Police have crushed an anti-ISA rally that turned the capital into a battlezone with tear gas and water cannon while allowing a pro-ISA activist through to the Istana Negara as Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz defiantly said Barisan Nasional will keep the security law as it was “necessary”.

“As long as Barisan Nasional is leading the government, the ISA will not be abolished,” Nazri told reporters in Kota Kinabalu, in an immediate reaction to the rally in the capital city.

And this is only one of the many articles that made me feel disgusted with our government ruling. I've heard and read on how bad they are, always playing the racial card and all, but this has got to be the ultimate insult (I believe there's more insulting events, but hey, in this issue, I was only born yesterday. Literally). Are we really living in a free, democratic country where the VOICES of the people are being heard? Or are we just prisoners of power crazy rulers?

The reason it hits hard on me is 'coz it's almost like a sudden bad case of dejavu of what we're experiencing here in this wretched place I'm studying in. Ultimate power. Power crazy. Oppression. Retardation. You had to wonder, "What on earth were they thinking?!"

A policeman ready to bring down the screen to block the view of the police truck carrying women arrested during the anti-ISA protests in KL today. - Picture by Choo Choy May -

I think I have just woken up from a long, ignorant sleep. And I realise and I know that I can do something about it. I finally have a cause to register myself for the next general election (did I get the term right? I'm still nevertheless retarded). And you must be wondering where the hell did the egocentric Amanda whose world only revolves around her go.

But then again, I'm a government servant, will I be playing with fire and get burned for going against the "regime"?


Mike Yip said...

The most important thing is, do what you think is right.

Sometimes, what was written and what was shown show only one side of the whole picture.

Also, read the news from both side as alot of times, no matter what they say, most of the time, things are written in a very politically charged manner to create anger or mistrust and so forth.

To me, a law is created to protect it's citizen. Problem is, people get angry and protest when they feel that the law does not suit the way they see things. And they try to instill this fear and anger onto other people.

At the end of the day, both side of the extreme clash, we get stuck in the middle and are forced to choose sides. There'll never be a right side or good side in this but all will be on a losing side.

-spek-mata-putih-u-know-me said...

sedikit petikan daripada lagu2 M.Nasir utk renungan...

"dalam kalut ada peraturan, peraturan cipta kekalutan, di mana jua kau berdiri..." (Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud)

"Lihat dunia dari mata burung, atau lihat dari dalam tempurung, yang mana satu engkau pilih?" (Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud)

"Asal debu pasti pulang ke debu..dari tegap bertimpuh, baik rebah merempuh" (Langgam Pak Dogo)

banyak lagi contoh...ape2 hal...kudos to those who made it to the rally yesterday...POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

"Whoever wins...we lose."

Cynth Dorhat said...

am visualizing us TESLians in the cage/truck... hurm... what a sight...

MeMeR said...

why teslians??

Amanda Christine Wong said...

coz we're AWESOME?

hojiayiing said...

a sad case. wonder wad worst things will come...or will it be rainbow after this downpour.