Friday, August 7, 2009

AirAsia: The World's Best Suckiest Airline

I got effed up again by this airline.

For the 368374867th time.

I spent the last 5 years getting delayed half of the time I traveled back and forth home and college.

Sometimes they are nice enough to call you.

Sometimes when they are too busy to call, they'll just text you.

Sometimes, they just don't give a fuck. Correction. Most of the time.

My worst delayed flight would be a few years back, circa Chinese New Year.

I was at the airport at five in the morning, groggy yet still excited to board my 7.10 a.m. flight back home.

Then it got delayed to 10 a.m.

Then again to 2 p.m.

Then another half an hour delay before actually taking off (My zombified body was already strapped on its suspiciously unhygienic leather seat).

So yeah, 9 hours. I finished reading two books, a magazine and did a botchy french manicure all within that torturous wait. EPIC.

So today, I received an e-mail from this respectable airline.

You'd think at least they are nice enough to e-mail me...they are.


Bet you never heard of that! 'Coz in all my 5 years experience of flying 10 times a year, my flights had only been rudely delayed! Never canceled!

They gave no reasons, no apologies, no compensations, just a mere "appreciate your understanding of our position in this matter and hope your future flights with us will be pleasant and problem free". I'll be much, much happier had I only been born yesterday.

A question to ponder: Will the world's most money-sucking, snakey, ripping off airline reimburse?


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

ooooohhhh wtf? flight was cancelled?

sa dari dulu bermusuh sama ini airline tau. my worst experience was when one of the crews at the boarding room ka waiting room itu, called me with the holy name of 'babi'. let me rephrase her fucking words: 'babi punya perempuan'!. banyak2 perkataan 'holy', itu BABI juga dia cakap oh. S*AL! and she was actually yelled at me, bukan cakap pelan2 oh amanda.. that happened when i was fighting for my grandma's justice. adaaa urang gila yg suruh orang tua yg x pernah naik kapal, JALAN KAKI SENDIRI PIGI KAPAL. yala she said 'ada jua orang yg guide tu' tapi they were way too rude! nanti nenek sa inda mau masuk kapal last2, pamacam. sa sumpah betul la dia tu napatai kena langgar itu kapal airasia! ada sa tulis email utk tony fernandez, and his reply ~~ mm, bagus x payah ulas. bikin hampa saja.

ohh kalau tanya sa apa experience sa lagi with airasia, mimang banyakk.. sa x suda SERVICE durang. crap!

sHeiLa said...

huh? cancelled? the reason? don't say because of the h1n1 they cancel some of their flight?! ereiii

room8five said...

haha i have no idea what to say to all the bad experience you all been through because for me, my worst is just a half or an hour delayed of flight... other than that, they are really being good to me...

but cancel? no money back or reschedule? o_O unless your capable enough to board mas all the time, air asia is still the cheapest way (but not the most pleasant way) to go back home to sabah :D

kei-1 said...

wow I never knew, a real eye opener for me. Feel sorry for you Amanda, bloody company!

no refund?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Annie: I think i pernah terbaca about ur this experience in ur blog last time...if me i p tampar da the crew.from the management to the crews ba cam ass...and yeah, sy memang anti airasia, but like, no choice kan...huhu...

Sheila: I dont know o...they didnt give any reason. the previous and next day punya evening flight pun kena cancel ba...buduh!

Daniel: yeaaah...if u travel often u'll know :/...if only mas is cheaper, memang i wont even pandang airasia the email they didnt say reschedule, but when my mom called, baru ada, to the 7am flight. but i cant go that early, so after much persuading, last2 they give refund juga...

Kei: Oh kei, don't be fooled by those "lowest fare flights!" ads...there's always a catch and a compromise...btw, yeah, i did get a refund, which of course, they refused to give at the beginning...ass huh?


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, why don't you write to the press about your misadventures with them, and CC a copy to the president of the Airlines.
Reading what you mentioned, I just have to shake my head.

I guess when flying a no frills Airlines, one can expect a 1 star hospitality, but what you mentioned is no star treatment, and no apology.
You should copy that message to the press.

We too have no frills Airlines flying domestic as well across to US, and God help them if any passengers get your kind of'll be in the National papers next morning.

Anyway, hope your next flight is a better one, no turbulance like the past, best regards, lee.

norbahira said...

canceled?! they should at least refund the ticket, right? unethical if they just cancel without giving any reason. u shud complain to the paper..hah!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Uncle Lee: Yes, it is really bad...and this would be the worst scenario...but I got a refund in the end, so everything's good. had i not get a refund, I would've written to the papers...and thanks for your wish :)

Bahira: They gave me a refund in the end, reluctantly of course T_T

DJoker Razgriz Gustav Beouwolf XIII said...

Amanda, you can always get good tickets from Air Asia, many times as cheap (difference of RM100 in total, that's all)

I came to UPM for my convo with AirAsia, I came back to Sabah with AirAsia.

If it wasn't for the fact that tonight (I just landed) the stewardess made a hit on me, I would have sworn never ever to fly AirAsia. LOL