Friday, July 31, 2009

The Pessimist

Lately I've been looking at life
As half glass empty
They told me to change my perspective
To look at life as glass half full

But they don't see what I'm seeing

There was never water in it -
And yet they called me a pessimist.


Jessie Yong said...

okok... i'm home soon, honey :)
btw, u r never a pessimist. u r an adventurer. haha

p.s.: many times I have do that retarded word verification?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha...yes i am...but this place is sucking the life out of me! and no im not suicidal so take ur time to come back here...hehe...

as for the verification, have to do that until they believe that u're not a robot...

Zen said...

people like us, we're not pessimists.

We realists.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Zen: Now that's an optimistic thought!

norbahira said...

ape tu org ckap, its easier said than done. or maybe its easier typed than done..haha! i dont like this place either. come to think of it, i never had any good memories here. when im out of here, i wont be referring to it as the place that i used to study..blah..