Saturday, July 18, 2009

Man U Vs Malaysia: A Retarded Point of View

Okay, this is really weird coming from me talking about football. 'Coz of the fact that I'm retarded in this field, or any field that requires physical movements, skills, teamwork and a victory to achieve. But if you consider sex as a sport based on the criteria above...Okay, not going into that today. This is just my two cents from a football/sports-retarded point of view.

So, the score was 3-2.


Probably, if you think that Man U really, really suck.

Expected, if you think that Man U was just being really, really nice.

For me, I believe it's the latter, and it is not because I champion MU.

It's because I believe in a conspiracy theory, a marketing gimmick, superficiality and sore losers from those involved.

Did the people who come to watch the game paid to see and support Malaysia in delusional hopes that they could eventually rise and beat the Red Devils?

Or did they just spend their money to see our team get trashed by the EPL giants? Politely accomplished yesterday; and merciless tomorrow?

Speedy: Malaysia’s Amri Yahyah slips past Man United goalkeeper Ben Foster to score the second goal in their friendly match.

“This is one of my greatest moments ... I will surely treasure it. To score not one but two goals against one of the top clubs in the world is simply amazing,” said Amri after the game.

~ The Star

Congratulations, buddy. You've made us proud.

Probably I've become a full blown cynic to believe in "Malaysia Boleh", and ignorant all these while about the fact that our Malaysian football team HAS greatly improved.

But if they really did greatly improve, and there was no conspiracy theory AT ALL involved, I'd like to congratulate them properly, minus the sarcasm, and wish them all well for the second game.


room8five said...

well, you do make your points by saying all that, but I still think its a gimmick... why coz lately the malaysian football scene is falling apart badly with the problem of the players' salary, lack of fans support, stadium comes tumbling down...

plus, with the current political situation, the government really needed to divert the people's attention to something else, at least something to talk about for a week or so.

trust me, people will only buy the tickets to watch MU play regardless of who is the opponent.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

right?! so i guess everyone knows its a lie...and we shouldn't feel proud about our so-called achievement.

ALTing said...

i'm a big ManUtd fan but i somehow did not bother to watch that "match"... was there any point to it??

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

i agree wif alvin too!

gimik seja baituh.. kekekeke

kei-1 said...

as long as the ticket sells, cash rolls, why would the organizer/media care

Amanda Christine Wong said...

sooo...nobody have faith in our malaysian team then :D...if im an MU fan too i'd watch the game whatever the conspiracy is..

Phoebe said...

There were a few factors to that famous score.
1. The poor Red Devils are not used to our hot climate.

2. They had little rest before the game. They came in after a long flight, had a press conference or something (correct me if I'm wrong) so they were exhausted.

3. They are not used to our au naturel field. You see, where they came from the field is even unlike ours (we always like to live dangerously) and I dunno, the grass is 'carpet-like' or something like that (Hence why they can slide on the field when they score a goal and not skin their knees').

4. They were being nice. It's a fact that nobody can deny. Hahaha...