Sunday, July 12, 2009

How To Go Out From An IPG Compound Without Bending The Rules

We, as future teachers must maintain an appearance. And by appearance, we must always be aware of how we dress. We must always be aware to not wear body hugging and rugged clothes when we go out of an IPG compound. Which begs the question, does that mean we have to go out to the nearest mall looking like this?

Of course not my dear teacher trainer friend!

We, as future teachers are trained to OBEY rules. So we obey them. How, you ask?

A big bag is the key to achieve our objective.

It is used to dump these exact clothes that you're wearing (minus your underwear).
"And walk around in City Square in my underwear?!" you ask? Of course not!

We obey the rules by dressing appropriately when we step out of the premise. But who said anything about dressing appropriately when you're already out?

'Coz you're looking all hot and unmarmish under your previous clothes! Once you've crossed over to the other happier side, that is.

Just make sure your incognito clothes are bigger than your real outing clothes. And NEVER, EVER forget to put your incognito clothes back on before you enter the premise when you come back.

Good luck!


Rudy said...

hmmmm...... :/

MeMeR said...

That;s how you do it gal!!
Werq it!!

Jessie Yong said...

What's wrong with that Mr. Bala guard?? He just cannot TALK but keeps SHOUTING at us as if we are the criminals. He has to learn Trends in Communication under Pn. Faziah. Maybe then he will learn that 'actually' in this '21st century', we need to be more courteous. Dxxnation...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

they're just a bunch of bitter, alliteration..hehe

MeMeR said...

That Bala is indeed one crazy for power byatch, he is

norbahira said...


Cynth Dorhat said...

i'll wear super short skirt inside my baggy track bottom :P