Monday, July 20, 2009

Her Happy Ending

She's grateful to have a fairy tale love story

Where her ugly frog turns into a handsome prince

But was she supposed to be envious

To not have a normal real love story?

To love is to forgive and to forget

The wreckage is over, she got her happy ending

She has forgiven, and she has forgotten

But why does the past still makes her feel so heart broken?

Maybe she's masochistic in nature

Instead of embracing a bright happy future

She torments herself with ghost of the past –

Putting her happy ending in grave danger

Will it really be a happy ending

When she still can’t let go of her unhappy beginning?

Maybe she has forgiven, but she hasn’t yet forgotten

Or maybe she has forgotten -

But hasn't yet forgiven.

She really wishes she could let it go

To reminisce without feeling stabbed

To believe in her own fairy tale

And to not give a fuck bout how it all began.


Rudy said...

I saw the fire burning ... fire burning ...!!! on the dance floorr...

room8five said...

People can forgive but never forgets, its hard to be ignorance of the past but there can never be a future in the past. everything thats alive must grow... or else you'll be dead.

norbahira said...

depends on how much you are willing to forgive and forget. but eventhough you can pretend the past doesnt matter, in the matter of crisis in the fairy tale ending, you cannot help and and reminscence about the past and how hurtful you felt during that time. do people truly forgive and forget? i think not. its not that easy, unless you have a severe case of amnesia.