Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forced-To-Move-Out Part 2

We were ordered to empty our house by today, and move in to a different block where we can actually get proper rooms.

It is a very much messed up demand from them as just the thought of packing and carrying our things from our third floored house to another block about a hundred metres away makes us want to buy anti-depressant pills by bulk.

Not only that, the amount of money we spent to make our dire living condition livable - we bought our own fans, shelves and tables, practically the basic necessities that should be provided for us when we paid our Rm400 rent.

And now, just when we're about to feel like "living with 17 girls and 7 girls in the living room ain't so bad after all", they decided to take this precious happy, warm feeling away from us.

And the reason for such cruel action?

The Big Boss is dropping by. BPG. BPG can't possibly see what kind of living condition they put us into, right? Especially those unfortunate newcomers who had to practically sleep on the floor? Of course they can't! They have an almighty reputation to take care of! And what if BPG finds out that the students aren't well 'racially-integrated'? The blasphemy! It will go against what our MOE have been preaching!


So anyways, this is my new room now:

I have to admit that despite all my bitterness and reluctance to move out, I do sure think this is a way, way better conditioned room. I finally can eat properly on a table and chair and get up from my bed without jumping over its post.

But of course, a student's room here isn't complete without his or her photograph, telephone number and identification card number plastered in front of his or her door. It will be easier for them to track us down, I mean, contact us in case of an emergency.

One interesting thing about this block is that it was once the boys' hostel. Just when I was about to try a hand at peeing standing up at their urinal wall, to my dismay, it had been sealed/removed/destroyed of all evidence that it was once a place where boys surreptitiously (or not) peeked at each others dick.

To my surprise though, apparently, I am not the only girl who secretly wanted to try to pee standing up when I saw this:

But then I saw this:

Guess I'm the only girl with such twisted desire. Sigh.

In short, it sucks to be under a reputation-conscious totalitarian regime but I guess it's not so bad after all moving to a different block where there's proper rooms. But I'm gonna miss my 17 roommates very much, and my 7 living-roommates.

Oh wait, they're here too.

And oh, this building is right beside the boys' block. So we get front row seats in case they streak across their corridor. Yay!


MeMeR said...

Who is your roommate now??

Amanda Christine Wong said...

jessie yong :)

Melancholic Fool said...

like i said, life sucks now, but when ur free from all these... thing.. (trying so hard not to say crap). You guys will appreiate the freedom better... (trying to see the silver lining)

I for one have to be ready mentally to face all these... waaaaaaa.... tanak balik maktab!!!

chegu carol said...

this moving out is for good?

Zen said...

I pity u. Truth is, men don't even need a urinal.

Cynth Dorhat said...

im also staying in a block with urinals! lol...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

azhar: know what, getting ready mentally doesnt help at all. Its THAT bad.

Carol: Hopefully...they're so crazy they can just make another rombakan when they feel like it :/

Zen: You dont? Hm...

Cynth: Interesting huh...hehe