Friday, July 3, 2009

Fate Part II

Clearly, I knew somehow I wasn't suppose to mess with Fate.

The first time I went to the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah, they had a meeting, and I wasn't appropriately dressed. And wearing an M sized collared tee with dark jeans and minimal makeup (skipped the mascara, wing-lined eyes and lip gloss) makes up "inappropriate".

The second time I went to the PPD again, I was dressed so appropriate you would laugh your ass off to see me make an effort; i.e. a pretentious ass licker - for this time, I wore my lucky purple baju kurung. But they had a meeting again.

The third time, I couldn't be bothered wearing a kerongsang to conceal the plunging neckline of the so-called sopan clothes I'm wearing. It's the same purple baju kurung anyway. But they had a meeting. AGAIN.

HOWEVER, fourth time's a charm though. He/She raised the white flag. My obstinacy and I successfully tampered with Fate.

I finally got to meet the dude who's supposedly in charge of guaranteeing me a post in a school in my hometown. He's friendly, willing to key in my name into their database and I think I scored brownie points when he found out I'm in the same wretched teacher's training college as he was.

BUT. Fate is sneaky. Fate can't admit defeat yet.

For he said Tulid is in DIRE need of English teachers.

Sounds like a nice place, huh? Sounds like tulip...but I had no idea where it is situated, nor do I even know such a place exists.

Luckily it's still detectable by Google Satelite.

The little blue balloon that is Tulid

But then again, I had the consolation of not going to be posted to an isolated island, for I think I'd definitely be posted within my district.

If Fate is not being funny.

But then again, is this what I really want? To be comfortable in my own familiar place or to venture to the unknown wilderness, jungle or urban?

Let's see what is Fate's Plan B for me.


chegu carol said...

Tulid is ok.
You can still go to ur school on daily basis provided that u have a 4wd la. small car can also but sayang la hari2 kasi jalan gravel kan.

my first school was somewhere there although a different route. kalau hujan saja gerenti x buli keluar masuk. at least tulid still can. :)

sHeiLa said...

agree with chegu carol. tulid is still ok :)
wuteva it is, for the first few years it will be the year to gain experiences..hehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Really? Then I should be thankful nevertheless...thanks for telling me this...and yeah, whatever it is, it's gonna be a new experience, the nastier it is, the better...hehe...Hm...then I have to use my dad's Hilux la ni to go to work if I really get there...hehe

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

ya ya tulid ok ba.. still in keningau lagi.. nevermind amanda, gain experiences first.. best of luck .. ;) bila mau lapor diri? you guys know already?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hm...should be alright then kan..not yet, lama lagi actually, next year..but si santhi ba tu yg suruh p jumpa now before isi borang, gitu la...heh

Yvonne Ling said...

Is that the usual way to get back hometown? hehe =P

MeMeR said...

Yeah, is that how you do it to get back to our own place?
Meeting some big shots at PPD a year before graduation??

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

ngam laitu cakap c santhi.. mau urus awal2.. some friends yang urus awal2 dapat where whey wanted, yang indatau mau buat apa terpaksa ikut ja la tempat yang kena tulis di surat posting..

to MeMeR, why not??