Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. Asleep.

**Spoiler alert

I squealed with thrill when I first saw the trailer.

I couldn't wait to watch the movie.

I got excited just watching the Dreamworks intro, the one with the kid sitting at the edge of the moon, fishing.

Then the movie started.

And...I dozed off. A number of times. Waking up to sudden loud sounds and people laughing, leaving me fuzzy of what just happened, and became that annoying person in cinemas who's a bit slow with things and asks neverending questions.

The movie wasn't that bad, that it lulled me to sleep. And it's not that good either, in my honest opinion. I was just really, really sleepy. 'Coz if it was good, there'd be no chance of dozing off, right?

Sure there were more robots, bigger and awesomer, more action scenes, more metal crushing gore, and more shots of Fox's butt and everything's larger than life, but it still didn't actually fulfilled my expectation.

I did heed the review warnings and lowered my expectations (i.e. left my brain home) but still, I wasn't impressed.

There were a couple of anomalies in the movie, like, Megatron is NOT the ultimate ruler, and there's a Decepticon who can transform into a human hot minx. A friend whose other religion is Transformers confirmed this, including several other stuffs like, the Twin robots are actually Decepticons, but became the good guys in the movie. And the plot was a mess.

BUT. The thing that I dislike the most about the movie is its slapstick and unnecessary humor. It's like Michael Bay was trying too hard to keep up to his raised bar from the first movie. And failed miserably, though it did manage to entertain people who um, are just easily entertained. Come on, did you expect a light hearted action packed movie when you see this poster and read its tagline?

Lovers of Transformers 2 might hate me, and those who haven't watch the movie might scorn me for being a spoiler here; but hey, I dozed off every 10 minutes during the second half of the movie, what do I know about criticising it?


Shamimi Haniza said...

Agree with Manda. Coz i also feel sleepy watching that movie! Bosan betul.

kei-1 said...

thank you, I'm not going to waste my internet time by actually going out then. Very informational post.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Your welcome :)

chegu carol said...

I enjoyed it.
And i did laugh.
I am easily entertained :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: bagus la, u live a longer and happier life :D

Melancholic Fool said...

It was entertaining, when i gave it a chance la...

I was telling myself in the cinema-
'Azhar, come on! it is transformers, you are the only one who thinks it is not cool'

So i lowered my expectations and had fun with it, just like what i did when I watch Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak, but hell jgn pandang belakang congkak was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worst la...

I mean, the actions, the crushing, the hot terminator-like babe, the HHHOOOTTT megan fox, other than these - it was like watching a group of obsessed Harry Potter fan making a remake of HP movie!

Come on, when Shia LaBeouf woke up from his death, I actually shouted

'Poyo la citer ni!'


room8five said...

havent watch it yet so didnt read anything on the post just the comment XD

really that boring?!!! oh gosh... seriously gonna leave my brain at home for this one

Amanda Christine Wong said...

azhar: u just compared a sequel of a blockbuster to a lame-O malaysian horror movie. THAT'S BAD! But yeah, didnt like that part when he went to 'heaven'...gosh, how lame could it get!

room8five: uhuh, just go enjoy the action scenes and megan :D

Asrih Arif said...

u r not alone manda... the movie premiered on the 19th this month and guess what... 2 of my friends fell asleep in the middle of the movie which if i may say 'NORMAL' for a movie with quite a stagnant plot... hahahha

Jessica_Lyne said...

I think I survived the movie because of the constant humor. It's..uh..awesome and all but when a movie feels toooooo long, there's definitely something wrong with it. Transformers2 is not suppose to feel long,we should be left wanting 4 more but it did and i blame it on the plot.Oh well, at least we hv watched d movie:-/

Rudy said...

... i shud let myself fall asleep oso... :"( yuiiiii

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Asrih: Really? I feel so much unalone now! i guess that validates my opinions huh...heh

Jess: Yeah, it kinda is too long. I was so damn sleepy and wishing it would end soon so that i wouldn't have to commit the crime of falling asleep during a sequel of a blockbuster. and yeah, at least we did..heh

Rudy: You didn't bite my fingers hard enough to wake me up :/

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, this seems to be a very popular movie. I must check it out, though not much of sci-fic movies.
Prefer more of those Indiana Jones kind, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Lee.

LaViaP said...

i think i have step into a new dimension, a pararel dimension call BORINGNESS! Transformer 2: ROTF is the most AWSOME movie ever for this year. PERIOD!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Uncle Lee: Well, if you like action, you can get it from this movie :)

LaViaP: Great that you enjoyed it, to each his own :)