Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nation of the world!

I believe I have a rather unique face. The Malays frown when I wear skimpy clothes, because they thought I am one of them. The Chinese thinks I'm lying when I tell them my name, when I'm really one of them. And strangers talk to me because they are dying to know what race I am exactly. Well, I'm gonna give you 9 hints of what exactly I am:

1. Malay?

2. Chinese?

3. Chindian? (Chinese + Indian)

4. KaDus? (Kadazan + Dusun)

5. Philippina?

6. Japanese?

7. Brazilian?

8. Eurasian?

9. Or African American?

So, what's the verdict? And in the end, does it REALLY matter what race I am? So what if I'm a Malay, can't I eat butter chicken at a Chinese restaurant? So what if I'm a Chinese, can't I hang out with my Malay buddies? So what if I'm a KaDus, can't I not like to eat bosou (fish & rice jerky)? So what if I'm Brazilian...wait, hold that thought - hm, that'd be pretty awesome. 'Coz in the end, I'm just like you - Malaysian.

Hm, methinks I make the perfect poster girl for Najib's One Malaysia notion.

But if you really want to know what I am, I'm just a proud spawn of my Hakka father and Hainam-Kadazan mother.

But then again, since I don't look either like them, I must've been an adopted Malay-Indian-Chinese-KaDus-Philipina-Japanese-Brazilian- Caucasion-African American Princess.


mimiette said...


Cynth Dorhat said...

i actually forgot that you used to have short hair! haha!

kei-1 said...

some people are just xenophobic, forgive them.

if the Japanese one is with the school uniform, I'd be dead. Thank god.

nice pics, hahahaa.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Mimiette: Yay!

Cynth: Me too! Shocked myself for a moment there.

Kei: Hah! You and your 'Japantasies' :p

chegu carol said...

semua pun kau buli masuk ni....
isnt that a bless? to have unique face.
ko pernah kena minta IC during puasa ka? :P

Asrih Arif said...

dang it... aku rasa muka ko mmg chinese... uma orang yg ndak sama2 ko dari kecil yg confuse.... masa ko kicil u look so chinese... hihih

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

haha.. i'm interested to look at your pics only.. yakan ur face is unique la amanda, semua buli masuk..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, to me it its not the looks now what we look like...its what in the heart that counts.
There are 127 different nationalities living in Toronto, from the 9 corners of this planet....and we are all known as Canadians.

By the way, love that pic of you in cheong sum. You look real fantastic....and you certainly have what I call traffic stopper looks.
You stay beautiful and keep as a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

You should become a model. Supermodel.i really like the japanese look. hehehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Asrih: Yeah, I guess they have know me from little kan... :/

Annie: I can have multiple passports ni...hehe

Uncle Lee: Why, thanks! I could probably pull a 'Canadian' look too..hehe

Sharazi: haha...i wish! So i guess i could blend in well in japan...hehe

kei-1 said...

forget about blending in Japan, be a Japanese in Malaysia please. Jessie can teach you how to speak and I can guide you on to how to act like one.


ALTing said...

Y u pangkah ur bros punya muka?? Aiyaah... i face the same questions way back when i was in KL long time ago.. somebody asked me 'are u malay?' and i said no. then he asked me 'are i chinese?' and again i said no. 'so what is ur race if u r not malay nor chinese since u look like either one of them?' he went on and i answered, 'saya itu bangsa "dan lain-lain"' which is then proceeded with a very bingung look from him. "aiyah... saya tu bangsa si pairin lah!!" then his face lit up and said 'oooo... ya ya! saya tau pairin..." it was difficult being a kadazan/sino-kadazan back then in KL... LOL!!!

Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

Can you dress like Ayumi Hamasaki? Please. Lol.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Kei & Sharazi: Guys. Way out of topic :P. Still flattered though. haha.

Alvin: Gosh! the fate of mixed blood sabahan in kl...kesian o kan...haha

Rudy said...

... Murut + lundayeh :)

Jojo Struys said...

What a fun blog post. I just had to laugh when I saw your Brazilian version ;)

cheers, Jojo

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Rudy: :/

Jojo: Wish i was really brazilian..hehe.Thanks for dropping by btw :D

Kris and Nadia said...

wah.. hebat oo tu gmbr2 :) thumbs up :)