Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blonde and blonder

I had a blonde moment today. Or I'd prefer to say I encountered a blonde person. Coz' I can't decide who's blonder. For those who are not familiar with the term 'blonde moment', it means you acted like a blonde bimbo. Stereotypically, they're not so smart, those poor beautiful things.

Today I went to take a passport photo.

Blonde moment #1 (though it's totally unrelated to the issue I'm about to share):
I didn't know you called that little photo where you pose in front of a blue background is called a passport photo. I thought you called that an IC photo 'coz a passport photo should be, duh, a passport photo where they blow up your face and your ears must stick out for no apparent reason.

Blonde moment #2:
Now the real issue is when I'm about to take my newly developed photos. After checking out my photos and thinking vainly how good I look, I realised they didn't give me the negative for the photo. So I asked for it. And the pimply girl at the counter told me they don't give the negatives, that if you want to develop the photo again, just come to the shop and they'll do it for you. Then I thought, how on earth are they gonna recognize my face from a negative film? If I want the negative, I'll have to pay an additional RM3. Then I thought, I might need to develop more photos when I'm back in JB. So I guess RM3 is okay of a price.

Until she handed me this:

According to moon crate girl, this mini compact disc is the negative.

And there I was looking miffed at the thought of being ripped off three bucks for something I thought was a thin brown film negative of my face.

So who's the blonde one now?

The girl who assured me there's a negative film of my face, or me, who has forgotten for a moment that we are now living in a digital world where brown films are obsolete?

Whoever is, I'm still being ripped off three bucks for something I can do myself; and acne girl can go on living her life like normal trying to find chemicals that can actually scrap those nasties off her face.

No offence to people who have bad acne - I'm just being disgruntled.


Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

Haha. Well, there will be a time when you encounter that 'blonde moment' once in your life. Probably many times. Do you think it will happen to us guys?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hm...guy stereotypes who are not so smart are called dumb dumb jock moment...hehe

Asrih Arif said...


Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...


Flanegan said...

haha... If I kena i'll probably have a facepalm moment ehh~~