Monday, June 1, 2009


After watching the movie Angels & Demons and reading the book, I was fascinated by the ambigrams. Apparently Dan Brown had an artist to sketch the ambigrams for him. I thought the artist is a genius.

I, am a genius too.

I too, can make ambigrams. Even making an ambigram using my own name.

Using an Ambigram Generator of course :D

This way it's Amanda:

Upside down, it goes Christine:

If you don't believe me tilt your head 360 degrees.

Super cool.

If I were to get a tattoo someday, this will be it:

Carpe Diem

Now where should I ink it...


chegu carol said...

aahh cool juga ah...

Arcryliss Chrystallite said...

supercool!! :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

right?! hehe

sHeiLa said...

wana watch the angels and demons again.. my name..can?hehehe

nagfa said...

the 'artist' is John Langdon. (


Amanda Christine Wong said...

sheila: u go to its not free, so u just print screen la..hehe..have fun :D

nagfa: hi, nice to meet you :)

Gallivanter said...

Coolness! I think Angels & Demons is a better movie than Da Vinci Code. I read all his books except the first one, watch out for his new book in September. :-D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

uhuh...da vinci code is so bad! but angels and demons book is waay better...ok,looking forward to it :)