Sunday, June 21, 2009

6 Cute-Proof Pose For Your Facebook (And Friendster If You Are Still On It. Why Are You Still On It?)

Don't think you're cute? Don't think you're photogenic? Uploading a cute Japanese girl's photo instead of yours because you think you can't look like them? Fret not my uncute/unphotogenic friend, 'coz I am here to guide you on how to strike not one, not two, not three, but six cute poses!

1. The Bug-Eyed Pose:

- This is the most basic cute-proof pose, and is the foundation for five of the other poses.
- Your camera must be about 45 degrees above your head.
- Your eyes must be as big as possible.
- You can either pout, or smile, according to your liking.

2. The Horizontal Peace Sign Pose:

- Hold your bug-eyed pose.
- Make those peace sign fingers and place it horizontally at your eye level.
- Your fingers may touch your face, or they may not, according to your liking.

3. The Blow Fish Pose:

- Hold your bug-eyed pose.
- Collect air in your mouth and hold it.
- Place index finger next to your blew up cheek.
- Your index finger may touch your face or not, and the quantity of air in your mouth is according to your liking.

4. The Pursed Lips Pose:

- Your camera doesn't necessarily have to be 45 degrees above your head.
- It just have to be really close to your face, leaving as little space for the background.
- Your eyes must be as big as possible.
- Most importantly, purse your lips to make it as thin and tiny as possible.
- You may raise your eyebrows to make your eyes look bigger, or you may not, according to your liking.

5. The Slanted Peace Sign Pose:

- This is possibly the hardest pose to take. You must master pose No.1, No.2, and No.4 in order to be able to pull this look.
- Hold your bug-eyed pose.
- Make those peace sign finger and place it in a slanting way near to your mouth.
- You may purse or pout your lips, according to your liking.
- *Note: You must have slender fingers to do this, or else your fingers will look like creepy chopsticks as illustrated.

6. The Cute Emo Pose:

- Last but not least, the Cute Emo Pose. It's not exactly a cute pose, but it is one of the hottest social networking sites look that angsty and self-proclaimed 'emo' teenagers are into now.
- Hold your camera 45 degrees above your head.
- Instead of bulging your eyes out, just look at camera as angrily as possible.
- Gather your hair to cover half of your face.
- You may add more black eyeliner or wear a pick skull ribbon on your hair, according to your liking.

**Hot tip: Use a camera phone that is 2.0 mega pixels below as you want to achieve that grainy photo look.

Easy, isn't it?! Now you can look as cute as your other 300 friends on your Facebook that you don't even know! And remember, practice makes perfect! Arigato gozaimas!


chegu carol said...

Doii bah.... Hahaha
Brapa lama ko practice ni before posting.

ALTing said...

this is so wrong!! hohohohoho!!!

kei-1 said...

#4 is pure ownage m(_ _)m

Amanda Christine Wong said...

carol: hehe...lama juga la, coz sendiri pun nda pandai...heh

Alvin: but im helping people...

Kei: how come? heh

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Amanda, very interesting post. And you are right with your mention re taking these shots.
My hobby is portrait photography, I make women look beautiful with my 2 cameras, one a Nikon F601 SLR with portrait lens, 35mm-135mm with my flash accessories, as well my backup camera, a Yashica SLR Electro 35.
I have a special folder of all the women, young and old taken past 10 various poses, and good fun too.

You keep well and have fun, best regards, Lee.

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

semua nampak macam my form 5 brother punya girlfriends.. hehehe.. all just love to pose like that!

Jessica_Lyne said...

OMg! hahaha. suma pun spot on! can't stop laughing at every damn pic. usually it's those high-school kids yg posing mcm tu d friendster, i wonder how long until a new 'it' cute pose surfaces:)

deeyah said...

kelakar giler la manda... haha.. indeed.. Bug-eyed pose lah yg paling mengancam...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Uncle Lee: Thanks..hehe..Like your blog too :)

Annie: kaan?! haha...

Jess: hehe! If a new pose do surfaces, you'll know where to find a guide to do it...heheh

Deeyah: half of ur friends in facebook do that, right? hehe...and i have to admit, i do have a few photos like that! aaaaa...malu! hehe

MeMeR said...

These photos are all YUCKS!!
(p/s: Not denying the fact that i own those kids of photos as well,hehehe)

Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

Hahaha. You should become a model trainer and a photographer.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Memer: then you are yucks too! haha

Sharazi: haha! i wish!

hojiayiing said...

haha..a model now photographer, way to go Amanda~!

sHeiLa said...

oh wonder the Japanese look the same!

coz the way their took pic i guess..

neway, u look cute!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

er, thanks? hehe...yeaah...i managed to pull 'the' cute look :D

Zen said...

lets call those shots "D'Angle". Because its the only angle that can make you look good than you actually are.

Phoebe said...

My fave is the last pic... Hahahaha...