Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teacher's Day day too now?

Let me say that again.

Teacher's Day day too now?

Weird. Just so weird. I have friends wishing me "Happy Teacher's Day!".

But...I'm not a teacher. Yet.

Is it such a big deal to go wishing and get wishes on this day? For Pete's sake, I don't even know today is Teacher's Day till I got text messages from coursemates.

So it's my day too now. Another day to 'celebrate' in my calender.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this day just because I never thought of becoming a teacher.

I'm just coming into terms with it.

I'll surely remember this date, anticipate it, jump for joy, and wish all teachers a happy one when I have come into terms that this day is my day too.


For those who is in this profession though, happy Teacher's :)


sHeiLa said...

happy teacher's day amanda!

hehehe..u ok lagi.the first time i was called 'teacher/cikgu' from my students, i felt weird..sot kan.hahaha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Happy teacher's day to u too! one year from now, gitu la juga me tu nanti...haha

chegu carol said...

it's just another day, really.
but if you get to be showered by flowers, presents, cards and well wishes from ur, that would be a different story cos you will remember that you've been a teacher. :)

happy teacher's day!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i guess that'd be really nice i cant wait :D...happy teacher's day to u too!