Thursday, May 21, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire vs Q&A

For those who do not know what Q&A is, it is the novel that the movie Slumdog Millionaire is based on. It is now republished as Slumdog Millionaire though, after the hugely successful movie.

As we are all aware, movies based on literary bestsellers always bombs. Who could ever forget the disastrous Da Vinci Code movie? It was just so painful to watch it because the book was too good.

So anyway. People who have read Q&A before watching the movie would think the movies is not that awesome; and those who haven't read the book but watched the movie think it is superbly awesome.

I, who have watched the movie first also think that the movie is superbly awesome and I loved it to death.

But what happens when you read the book after you watch the movie?

I always believed that words are better than moving pictures, so I was prepared to be crushed knowing that the movie I love is nothing but a bad, disastrous idea like the Da Vinci Code.

Surprisingly, it wasn't. And I was glad. I can watch the movie again and still be moved.

This is because I think that the plot is completely different than in the movie. The basic elements are in there, even some of the questions and the events, but it moves differently. So Danny Boyle did not butcher the novel by creating the exact visuals and expectations in the movie, but rather interpreted in his own way, adding a little bit of Hollywood/Bollywood glam, drama and romance in it. Though the plot and characters are different in the movie, Boyle managed to maintain the irony, tragedy and the bittersweetness of the story. And the outcome is still as beautiful and as gripping as the novel.

And as for the novel, it is just superb. Vikas Swarup throws in comedy, tragedy, foreshadowing, symbols, irony, and magnificent imageries together to create a powerful plot; not to mention the mirroring of lives in the Indian slums.

This is however my point of view of reading the book after watching the movie. Some people might disagree though. 'Coz I wouldn't know how I'd feel if I did read the book first and set my expectations high for the movie.

If you ask to me choose which I like better, I can't - both are just equally amazing.

What does it take to find a lost love?

"It's written ~ destiny"


MeMeR said...

Me reading? total no no?
the movie?
it was awesome!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

gawd mer, u're a lit/Eng student, u gotta read!

Jessica_Lyne said...

wow, the book is as good as the movie? how often do we get that? I'm putting the book in my 'must-read' pile:)

Arcryliss Chrystallite said...

o yes! the movie is amazing!!!
it's very natural~