Monday, May 18, 2009

More babydaddy dramz!


As I have posted earlier, we have learnt that Alfie is not the babydaddy little Maisie. He was crestfallen and distraught that he didn't knocked up that elephant Chantelle and couldn't be the youngest dad in the world. And oh, because Chantelle lied to him saying that she had lost her virginity to his peen and had never slept with other tweens.

This is the real babydaddy!

Turns out the dad to the four month old is 15-year-old Tyler Barker, who happens to live on the same estate as Chantelle. The teen says he slept with slutty Chantelle only once when he was 14 at her parent's home.

He claims, “It was routine for boys to stay over in her bed. I only slept with her once.”

Oh, and he also blames Chantelle, adding that after having unprotected sex she told him she would take the morning after pill. "I thought she'd take care of it," he added.


At least Tyler is much more credible to impregnate a woman. Now I would like to pose the same question I posed to Alfie, "What were you thinking?! You're a cutie - you can do much, much better than this!" you think he's ecstatic to be a dad, just like Alfie?


Jessie Yong said...

I don't think Alfie is a good daddy, may b a responsible one, but absolutely not a good one. He is too young for that, and, c'mon, he doesn't reach the coming-of-age period, does he?

Amanda Christine Wong said...


MeMeR said...

Alfie is so cute!!The little baby too!!