Friday, May 8, 2009

Death Of A Dancing Queen

The music is toned down
The lights are switched on
The deejay says good night motherfuckers
Come again same night same time
To the sea of dispersing people
To everyone -but me
It’s time to face the deafening music
And hang my dancing shoes
‘Coz Mr. Deejay, I won’t be coming back again
As the club door closes to this sweet life I had
Leaving me wanting but for more
But the podium was once mine
And the nights had been seized
So now I can sleep well
And once in while,
Dream of dancing once again.

I dedicate this post to those who have made my Thursday and weekend nights oh-so-awesome. You guys are rockstars.


MeMeR said...

So gonna miss you!!

Cynth Dorhat said...

this is your most emo post. sob...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i AM capable of overusing black eyeliners and sitting at the corner of my room in the dark too you know...hehe...yeah, gonna miss u too :/